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Dark Combo Ranger

The Dark Combo Ranger owns the powers off all Combo Rangers (before they received the new powers of Syros) together, plus the ability to fly. He also has a radar able to locate the Combo Rangers in a one-kilometer-wide range. The Dark Combo Ranger was a project by Tio Combo, meant to be the most powerful Combo Ranger of all. However, fearing that it could fall in the wrong hands, he quit the project. Proteus ordered Doutor Delírio to steal him, and to use the then-dead body of Luke (who had been overran by a drunken driver) for the experience. He filled Luke with negative energy, plus the energies of all combo rangers. He almost destroyed the Combo Rangers when he came to action (Doutor Delírio stopped him because of his daughter, Maya). During a dramatic battle, Tio Combo told them that the only thing that could destroy him was the beam of the Mega Combotron. They defeated the Dark Ranger, but also lost their powers. But thanks to Lisa’s love and to the Cristal Supernova, Luke returned to life.

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