List of College of The Holy Cross Alumni - Notable Holy Cross Faculty

Notable Holy Cross Faculty

  • Patricia Bizzell, Ph.D. is a prolific author and former Chairperson of the English Department
  • John Esposito, Ph.D. is a widely published professor of Islamic Studies. (former Holy Cross Middle East Studies and Religious Studies Chair)
  • Osvaldo Golijov, Ph.D. Grammy award winning composer (assistant professor, music)
  • Claudia Koonz, Ph.D. an American feminist historian of Nazi Germany
  • Shirish Korde, Ph.D. a composer and Chair of the Music Department. Founder of Neuma Records
  • Joseph T. O'Callahan, first chaplain Medal of Honor recipient. (former director of Holy Cross Mathematics Dept.)
  • Nicolas Sanchez, Ph.D. economics professor and published author.

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