List of Closed Railway Stations in Britain: H-J - J


(Town, unless in station name)
Rail company Year closed
Jackaments Bridge Halt Great Western Railway 1948
Jackfield Halt Great Western Railway 1963
Jacksdale GNR 1963
Jackson Street Grimsby and Immingham Tramway 1961
James Street Liverpool Overhead Railway 1956
Jamestown North British Railway 1954
Jedburgh North British Railway 1948
Jedfoot North British Railway 1948
Jersey Marine Rhondda and Swansea Bay Railway 1933
Jervaulx NER 1954
Jesmond Blyth and Tyne Railway 1978
Jessie Road Bridge Halt Southsea Railway 1914
Joan Croft Halt North Eastern Railway 1950s?
Jock's Lodge North British Railway 1848
John O' Gaunt Great Northern and London and North Western Joint Railway 1953
Johnshaven North British Railway 1951
Johnstone North Glasgow and South Western Railway 1905
Johnstown and Hafod Great Western Railway 1960
Jolly Sailor London and Croydon Railway 1859
Joppa North British Railway 1859
Jordanston Halt Great Western Railway 1964
Jordanstone Caledonian Railway 1951
Junction Bridge (Edinburgh) North British Railway 1947
Junction Road Halt (East Sussex) Kent and East Sussex Railway 1954
Junction Road (London) Tottenham and Hampstead Junction Railway 1943
Juniper Green Caledonian Railway 1943
Justinhaugh Caledonian Railway 1952

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