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Roman Catholicism

  • Jean-Bertrand Aristide – former President of Haiti, former Catholic priest.
  • Ernesto Cardenal – former Minister for Culture for Nicaragua and Catholic priest
  • James Renshaw Cox – US Presidency candidate and Catholic priest.
  • Robert Drinan – Roman Catholic Jesuit priest, lawyer, human rights activist, and Democratic U.S. Representative from Massachusetts.
  • Andrej Hlinka – Slovak public activist and Catholic priest.
  • Ludwig Kaas – prominent German politician during Weimar Republic and Catholic priest.
  • Hugo Kołłątaj – Polish social and political activist, political thinker, historian, philosopher and Catholic priest.
  • Gabriel Richard – French Roman Catholic priest who became a delegate from Michigan Territory to the U.S. House of Representatives.
  • Stanisław Staszic – Polish priest, philosopher, statesman, geologist, scholar, poet and writer, a leader of the Polish Enlightenment, famous for works related to the "Great" or "Four-Year Sejm" (1788–1792) and its Constitution of 3 May 1791.
  • Luigi Sturzo – one of the founders of the Italian People's Party and Catholic priest.
  • Jozef Tiso – fascist Slovak politician of the SPP, Roman Catholic priest who became a deputy of the Czechoslovak parliament, a member of the Czechoslovak government, and finally the President of Independent Slovak Republic from 1939–1945, allied with Nazi Germany.
  • Beda Weber – German Benedictine professor, author, and member of the Frankfurt Parliament.

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    Protestantism has the method of Jesus with His secret too much left out of mind; Catholicism has His secret with His method too much left out of mind; neither has His unerring balance, His intuition, His sweet reasonableness. But both have hold of a great truth, and get from it a great power.
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