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Dante Welsh

Born Dante Scott in 1994, Salcombe, Devon. Dante made his first appearance in Brigands. According to Muchamore, he is the most important character introduction since Rat in Divine Madness. He joined CHERUB after his parents and all but one sibling, his sister Holly, were murdered by a biker gang, known as the Brigands Motorcycle Club. He rescues his eighteen-month old sister Holly and they both escape. After two months, he was recruited to CHERUB with Lauren, and began training at the same time as her, completing it while she had to restart. Four years later he had spent the past 32 months on a mission in Belfast, enough to go straight from grey to black shirt (after Zara bent the rules slightly). He then went on a mission with Lauren and James in Brigands in which he infiltrates the biker gang that killed his family.

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