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Avenger, Emma The

Emma (Heather Dawn)
Emma Avenger (Emma, Emma the Avenger, or Emma Athame) has no last name in the episode script, so is designated here by her role, where the character took up demon hunting to avenge her demon-killed fiance using the carelessly lost Athame (A magical dagger) belonging to her fiance's killer.

In a plot twist, Emma's beau was killed by Belthazor under a contract, who in his Cole persona is very sad for he cannot even recall what the man looked like, but acknowledges that the athame is his and that he in all likelihood had killed the man. Emma is possessed of great determination and true grit, for outside the ceremonial weapon's magic powers, she would have been defenseless against such, and she'd hunted them systematically for a year and a half according to the dialog in the episode "Black as Cole".

In a further ironic twist, Emma joins the over tasked Charmed Ones near the end of the epic battle going on in the attic between Cole-Belthazor and Demon Sykes just after Belthazor defeats Sykes, but having had to surrender to his demon side to be strong enough to defeat the same racial demon type, Sykes. After the fight, the enraged excited post-battle animalistic state of Cole-Belthazor to be out of control and appears to be a threat, even Phoebe, who interposes herself between the demon and her sisters.

Emma coming up behind from the stairway takes her timely vengeance then upon Belthazor, and hurls a potion Phoebe'd dropped downstairs, a power binding potion she'd prepared several episodes back onto the demons back. The potion, cast on Cole's demon half-side, drives him back into his human-Cole form, binds his magic (or demoness) and according to Phoebe, Emma had vanquished the demon that had killed her fiance.

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