List of Characters in The Percy Jackson and The Olympians Series and In The Heroes of Olympus Series - Main Characters - Thalia Grace

Thalia Grace is a 15 (immortal)-year-old demigod, a daughter of Zeus. She is the older sister of Jason Grace. She ran away from home at age nine. Grover Underwood was assigned to watch over her and only her during her journey to Camp Half-Blood, during which she met Luke Castellan and Annabeth Chase. Their party arrived at the camp with a band of monsters pursuing them; Thalia confronted the monsters, allowing Grover and the other demigods to escape to the magically protected Camp Half-Blood. The monsters overpowered her, but Zeus took pity on her sacrifice, transforming her into a pine tree to save her from death.

Percy and his friends restore Thalia to life with the power of the Golden Fleece, and she joins them for the quested in The Titan's Curse. She soon joins the Hunters of Artemis, a band of immortal female archers in service to the goddess Artemis. Thalia joins the hunters the day before her sixteenth birthday, so that she wouldn't be the child of the prophecy. In The Last Olympian, she and the other Hunters help fight the Titan army of Kronos.

Thalia has electric-blue eyes and spiky black hair, and she wears dark makeup and punk style clothing. Annabeth considers Thalia's personality to be very close to Percy's. In April 2012, Paloma Kwiatkowski was cast as Thalia for the upcoming Sea of Monsters film adaptation.

Thalia Grace has a silver bracelet and when she touches it, it changes into a shield, Aegis. She carries her spear in a collapsible Mace container. The shield Aegis is said to have Medusa's face moulded into it, and people scatter in fear at the sight of it.

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