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Annabeth Chase is a 12–17-year-old, the daughter of Athena and Fredrick Chase. Born June 16. She ran away when she was seven years old, running into two other demigods, Luke and Thalia. When Grover, the satyr, finds them, he tries to lead them back to Camp Half-Blood but makes a wrong turn into a Cyclops's lair. The Cyclops captures Luke, Thalia, and Grover. When Annabeth finds them, the Cyclops mimics her father's voice. To the Cyclops's surprise, she stabs him in the foot. Then she frees Thalia, who takes it from there, saving Luke and Grover. When she gets to camp, Thalia holds up an army of monsters for them to get away Zeus (Thalia's dad) turns her into a pine tree. For five years she waits for her chance to lead a quest into the real world. She gets her chance when Percy Jackson comes along.

In the first book, Percy describes her as having curly blonde hair, like a princess, with a tan and athletic build. He says that she would look like a California girl, except her stormy gray eyes take away from the rest. She is first seen when she is feeding Percy Ambrosia pudding and is asking him about what will happen at the summer solstice. He was expecting admiration from her after he defeated the Minotaur, which was what most of the demigods have been training for. Afterward, he sees her again when Chiron introduces them. She soon leaves. Annabeth has to introduce him to the Hermes cabin, where he is placed until he is claimed by Poseidon. She joins Percy on all his quests, save in The Titan's Curse, when she is captured, and in The Battle of the Labyrinth, where she becomes Quest Leader, taking Percy along as her second. In The Lightning Thief, Percy notices she seems to have a crush on Luke, but it disappears over the first series and is gone in The Last Olympian, as she tells Luke that although he was like a brother to her, she didn't love him. She becomes jealous of Rachel Elizabeth Dare and Calypso, as she suspects Percy of having a crush on them. Annabeth becomes Percy's girlfriend in The Last Olmpian. In The Son of Neptune, she is the only person Percy remembers. In The Mark of Athena, she and Percy reunite, and she has her own solo quest, to follow the Mark of Athena. She frees the Athena parthenos by tricking Arachne, but in the end she and Percy fall into Tartarus when her leg is caught in one of Arachne's spiderwebs.

Annabeth is considered to be very beautiful, especially by Percy. Aphrodite once complimented her, saying, "Annabeth, you've grown into quite a beautiful young lady." Despite having good looks, she prides herself more on her intelligence and talent at fighting. As a daughter of Athena, Annabeth excels at anything having to do with academic studies or useful arts and crafts. One of her main weapons is her intellectual abilities, especially her strategic excellence. She is said to want to become an architect when she grows up. She is also a very powerful and experienced fighter, partially since she has been training since age seven.

In the first film adaptation, Annabeth has brunette hair, while in the second film adaptation, she has blonde hair. Annabeth Chase is nobody's sidekick. She was portrayed by Alexandra Daddario in the film adaptation of "The Lightning Thief" and will reprise her role in "Sea of Monsters".

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