List of Characters in Planescape: Torment - NPCs - The Transcendent One

The Transcendent One

(voiced by Tony Jay)

This mysterious spectral entity is responsible for delivering the killing blow to Ravel during her last moments in the Black-Barbed Maze. Who this adversary is is unknown.

The Nameless One's mortality in a corporeal form. After it was separated from The Nameless One by Ravel's ritual (which "cursed" the Nameless One with immortality), it manifested into a physical being and evolved, growing in power and intellect. He and The Nameless One share a bond, and if either of them dies permanently, so shall the other. He later reveals that he sends out shadows after The Nameless One not to kill him, but rather to make him forget through his death, and therefore leave the Fortress of Regrets (and the Transcendent One himself) in peace once and for all. He believes that nothing can change the nature of a man. Also, unlike the Nameless One, the Transcendent One remembers the past lives that both shared - and retains all of the powers and skills gleaned from them.

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