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The Lady of Pain

The Lady is a mystery. She's widely regarded to be the de facto ruler of Sigil, its protector and its victim. She is said to guard the doors of the Cage against the myriad schemes of the gods, to be the ultimate expression of balance in the multiverse, to be the prisoner of the City of Doors. There are thousands of stories about her - one even tells that she's actually six giant squirrels with a headdress, robe, and ring of levitation and illusions - but none of them can be verified. She is a true enigma, a puzzle with no solution.

If someone displeases her - by upsetting the balance of the city or by worshiping her - the Lady may punish the offender. Her punishment ranges from the Mazes - a twisting, turning hell with a cleverly disguised exit - to the casting of her shadow across the transgressor, covering him with slashes and gouges from her sharp-edged shadow, leaving behind a pile of gore and viscera. Neither option is particularly attractive.

A very powerful being, many of the hive dwellers consider her to be a deity, but no one really worships her for fear of her wrath. No one knows how she came to be or what her true purpose is, but she helps in maintaining the balance within Sigil and throws defilers and denizens who anger her into one of her mazes. Often, she will only interfere when the very balance and stability of Sigil is threatened. While the clueless may dismiss the Hivers' fear of her as superstition, the informed know that she is quite real and extremely deadly. She is also known as Her Serenity, for the permanently vacant expression on her face, or simply as The Lady. She is only a lady insofar as she is characterized as female in her countenance. The Lady may as well be male or sexless, or such a type that traditional gender classification is impossible.

In-game, the Lady is often mentioned but will only appear if The Nameless One angers her. The first time he does so, the Nameless One will be sent to a Maze to which one of his previous incarnations was previously condemned (and which still holds some of his former possessions). On a second offense, she will destroy the Nameless One, overcoming his immortality and ending the game. There are only three actions that the Nameless One can take that will make her angry: praying to a small doll that looks like her, agreeing to worship Aoskar, or going on a rampage and killing a lot of NPCs.

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