List of Characters in Planescape: Torment - NPCs - Deionarra


(voiced by Jennifer Hale)

The ghostly apparition, Deionarra, claims she knows you, that you are her "Love." Whatever keeps her on the physical plane must be powerful indeed for her to stave off death so long. Dying does not seem to have improved her disposition.

First encountered in the Mortuary early in the game, this female ghost is clearly embittered towards the Nameless One. In life, she had the ability to glimpse the future in visions, and fell deeply in love with the Nameless One's Practical Incarnation.

The Practical Incarnation was quick to use her devotion to convince her to follow him on his travels, making use of her prophetic dreams. She traveled with The Nameless One throughout the multiverse, only to be left behind to die in the Fortress of Regrets. Now, as a ghost, she haunts the Fortress of Regrets and the Mortuary, lamenting the loss of her love. Only The Nameless One can actually see her, all the other characters seem to think he is talking to thin air whenever he converses with Deionarra. Having met the Practical Incarnation, and having the power of devoted love, she possesses valuable information and can prove very useful to the player.

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