List of Characters in Final Fantasy: Unlimited - Other - Fabula

  • Voiced by: Kikuko Inoue (Japanese), Claire Hamilton (English)

Referring to herself as a guide, Fabula (ファーブラ, Fābura?) plays the role of the storyteller, giving a brief synopsis of the previous episode at the beginning, and "prophecizing" (basically giving a preview) the next episode. Living within an oyster shell filled with pearls and that are able to sprout wings, Fabula rarely gets herself involved.

Ai encounters Fabula during the Hayakawa twins' stop at the Village of Fruit after he bag was stolen by who is later revealed to be Fungo. There, Fabula gives her PoshePocket to replace her bag, and disappears immediately after giving Ai some advice. She makes another appearance when Omega attacked the subway where Lisa Pacifist and the twins rode to obtain its piece inside the train. Using her house and getting involved in that incident, Fabula carried the Ghost Train's last card to safety, carrying them to the Comodeen's new base.

At the end of the anime, she hints on a continuation of the story, and gives a cryptic message to Ai when she and her family returned to their world after Earl Tyrant's defeat.

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