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Episode Summary

Map: The Warehouse District, a busy area where each street is filled with people shopping. The runners and Hunters would also have to obey all traffic laws, which could have been an advantage and a disadvantage as well.

The contestant's first challenge was to run to a nearby shipping warehouse. There, they would have 5 minutes to assemble a series of gears to open the warehouse door, where they would receive a Deflector from inside. 10 gears were provided, but only 7 were needed to open the door. The host released the first Hunter (Vazquez) in the middle of the challenge. After about 4 minutes, they opened the door and received their Deflectors. All the runners split up and some of them paired up. The pairs included Anup & Brian, Dalet & Jenny, and Josh & Cassy. The host released the second Hunter (Wong) onto the gameboard afterwards. While most of the runners headed up north, Davey headed south, stating he wanted to avoid the other runners. Brian and Anup spotted Vazquez before he began to chase them. Brianna and Davey were nearby and ran away from Vazquez as well. Brian ended up having to use his Deflector. Many of the players began alerting each other of the Hunters. Hunter Kim was released shortly afterwards and headed towards Brian and Anup on the south side of the board. Up on the north side Davey spotted Vazquez and ran away, telling Cassy and Josh no one was following him. Davey's plan backfired and Vazquez gave chase to him, forcing Davey to use his Deflector. Brian and Anup stopped in an alley to look at their map. Hunter Kim came around the corner and captured Brian before he could move. Anup then used his Deflector on Kim. Brianna used her Deflector on Wong after a short chase.

The host then called to reveal the second challenge. The runners would have to use their locators given to them earlier in the game to locate a case hidden in one of three locations (Flower shop, fabric mart, or luggage shop) on the game board, inside the cases contained invisibility glasses. Anup and Jenny broke their locators running from hunters and were unable to gain their invisibility glasses and Brianna decided not to take on the mission, since she was alone and far away from any of the mission areas. Josh, Cassy, Davey, Des, Dalet, and Apryl were able to find their glasses within the time limit. While searching for their glasses, two of the older contestants Apryl and Des decided to team up. During the challenge Dalet and Jenny were chased by Hunter Wong but were able to escape through an alleyway. Hunter Scott is released onto the field. Dalet and Jenny once again run into a Hunter. This time, Hunter Vazquez. Jenny uses her deflector on Hunter Vazquez. The host gives the first clue to the exit point telling them to stay near a wall. Des and Apryl figure they are at a "wall" while Josh and Cassy discover they need to stay near Wall St. Dalet and Jenny once again run into a hunter, this time Hunter Scott, but Dalet uses her deflector saving the two of them. Anup notices Dalet and Jenny's screaming. Davey once again runs into Josh and Cassy. Davey tells Josh and Cassy the two need to split from their "alliance" but Josh and Cassy do not listen to Davey and stay together. While Jenny and Dalet try to search for Wall Street, the two become cornered by Hunter Vazquez and a Hunter Kim. Dalet chooses to put on her invisibility glasses but Jenny with no weapons left is cornered by the hunters and is caught by Hunter Kim. Josh and Cassy leave Davey to himself. Davey is then able to find another $1,000 money flag. Hunter Amazon is then released onto the board. Dalet now by herself and wearing her invisibility glasses begins her search for wall street. Little does she know Hunter Scott is right next to her. Dalet removes her glasses to see her map and is spotted and caught by Hunter Scott.

Josh and Cassy are spotted by Hunter Scott. The two run but Hunter Scott is coming up fast. Josh tells Cassy to use her deflector, in which she does, deflecting Hunter Scott. The host calls the seven remaining contestants with the offer of opting out of the game. The only contestant to consider opting out is Brianna, who is alone and defenseless. But while trying to call the host, she is caught by Hunter Scott. The host gives the remaining runners their third and final mission for a sonic stunner. He gives two locations on the map, where they must maneuver a metallic disk through a metal maze. The winners are able to gain the sonic stunner. While Apryl and Des decide not to try to make the long distance to get the sonic stunners, Davey, Anup, Josh, and Cassy decide to go for it. However on route Josh and Cassy become pinned down by Hunter Amazon. However Josh is able to use his deflector before Hunter Amazon can spot them. Anup and Davey make it to the two locations and each gain a sonic stunner. Josh and Cassy decide to lie low and not go for the sonic stunners. Hunter T-Bo is released onto the game board. Josh and Cassy spot Hunter Scott but Hunter Scott doesn't see them. After Hunter Scott leaves, Hunter Wong appears, keeping Josh and Cassy pinned down. Hunter Wong spots them and the chase begins. Cassy puts on her glasses making her invisible. Josh continues to run and is also spotted by Hunter Scott. Josh puts on his glasses just as Hunter Scott and Hunter Wong have him cornered. Josh and Cassy rejoin one another.

Meanwhile, Apryl and Des are far away from the action on the very south end of the gameboard. Hunter Icey is released as the spotter for the show in a small red truck. Anup decides to stay where he is but Hunter Kim is coming for him. Anup is able to use his Sonic Stunner and escape. The second clue is given. To find the street with the most alleyways. Josh and Cassy feel strongly that they are in the right spot. Davey runs into to Hunter T-Bo and uses his sonic stunner. Davey once again runs into a second hunter, Hunter Wong and uses his invisibility glasses. The remaining contestants are given the exit point, a car ramp. The first one to get there wins the money. Apryl and Des feel strongly that they are close while Davey and Anup make a run for the exit point as well. Josh and Cassy make a dash as well but are spotted by Hunter Icey. The Hunters nearest to their location make a dash for Josh and Cassy. Hunter Amazon spots Josh and Cassy. Cassy tells Josh to keep going and gives herself up to Hunter Amazon. Davey is spotted by Hunter Kim but gets away. Davey is able to lose Hunter Kim when Josh comes around the corner and captures him instead. The final four make a run for it but in the end it is Davey that makes it to the exit point in time, winning $26,000 (including one $1,000 money flag bonus).

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