List of Canada's Worst Handyman 2 Episodes - Episode 6: The Finishing Touches - Trimwork


The contestants must install a nailing edge around their windows and doors in order to install trim and baseboards. Again, all contestants have access to a chop saw, although Jeff and Terry are the only ones seen using it (with everyone else cutting using their mitre box and their crosscut saw – none of the contestants have a proper miter saw).

  • Terry – Terry makes a slight mistake in measuring his door trim, but is able to salvage the piece for the window. However, he makes the wrong cut, forcing him to install his trim on upside-down.
  • Jaime – Jaime tries to use multiple pieces of pine per side for his nailing edge (when it is recommended to have only one piece per side). When informed of this (and the fact that the trimwork will look cleaner if one piece is used) by Andrew, Jaime fixes the issue.
  • Jeff – No footage of Jeff's work is shown apart from Jeff using the services of a chop saw.
  • Candace – Again, Justin takes charge of this challenge, going so far as to distrust Candace's accurate measurements and remeasuring them on his own. However, he does leave one piece of trim for Candace to install herself, which (due to inexperience) results in disaster when it takes her eight nails to secure the trim in place.
  • Ruth – After taking a break after splitting the trim on numerous occasions (although much of the trimwork is done), Ruth decides to install her window (which had not been installed earlier due to its large hole). Fred graciously assists in helping Ruth install the window, which is finally in – six days after the window challenge. Her trimwork is incomplete, but that is explainable as the window is not sealed by the end of the challenge.

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