List of California Street Railroads - Other Cities and Towns

Other Cities and Towns

  • Fresno Railroad
  • Fresno City Railway
  • Fresno City, Belmont and Yosemite Railroad
  • Fresno Traction Company
Paso Robles
  • Paso Robles Street Railway
  • Central Electric Railway
  • Central Street Railway
  • Highland Park Railway
  • Sacramento City Street Railroad
San Luis Obispo
  • San Luis Street Railway
  • San Luis Obispo Street Railway
Santa Barbara
  • Santa Barbara Street Railroad
  • Santa Barbara and Citizens' Street Railroad
Santa Cruz
  • East Santa Cruz Street Railway
  • Pacific Avenue Railroad
  • Santa Cruz, Garfield Park and Capitola Electric Railway
Santa Rosa
  • Santa Rosa Street Railway
  • South Side Street Railway
  • Stockton Electric Motor Railway
  • California Midland Railroad (of 1905) Marysville
  • California Terminal Company 1911
    • Lakeport and Richardson's Bay Railroad
  • Central California Traction Route downtown Sacramento to Stockton and competed directly with SP and WP between the two cities. Later owned by WP. Converted to diesel. Currently an active Class III freight railroad. Trackage in rural Sacramento County in year 1995 was in nearly inoperable condition. Electric interurban operation ended in 1933.
  • Glendale and Montrose Railway
  • Holton Interurban Railway later SP
  • Modesto Interurban Railway 1909-1911 later MET
  • Monterey, Fresno and Eastern Railroad
    • Watsonville Transportation Company 1903-1907 3'6" Narrow Gauge
  • Mount Tamalpais and Muir Woods Railway abandoned 1930
    • Mill Valley and Mount Tamalpais Scenic Railway 1896-1913
  • Nevada County Traction Company
  • Orange Grove Street Railway 1888-1896
  • Second Street Railroad Narrow Gauge Horsecar Pomona
  • Pacific Gas and Electric Company
    • West Sacramento Electric Company 1914 (Proposed)
  • Peninsular Railway
  • Sacramento Valley Electric Railroad
  • San Francisco and Napa Valley Railroad abandoned, in phases during period 1938-1956
    • San Francisco, Napa and Calistoga Railway 1911-1936 Electric interurban Napa city to Calistoga.
      • San Francisco, Vallejo and Napa Valley Railroad 1906-1911
        • Vallejo, Benicia and Napa Valley Railroad 1902-1910
  • Santa Rosa Railroad 1903-1923 (Later Northwestern Pacific Railroad part of SP)
    • Santa Rosa Street Railway (Later Petaluma and Santa Rosa Railroad)
  • Second Street Cable Railway closed in 1890
  • Shasta Springs Scenic Railroad 1888 cable
  • Shipyard Railway
  • Sierra Madre Street Railway 1887-1890/1891 Narrow Gauge Mule car Los Angeles
  • South Beach and Mission Railway c. 1862 San Francisco
  • Southern California Motor Road Company Narrow Gauge 1886-1892 Leased to SP San Bernardino-Colton
  • Southern California Rapid Transit District Metro Rail 1975-1986 now part of Los Angeles Metro Rail
  • Stockton Electric Railway 1881/1891-1905
    • Stockton Street Railway 1874-1881/1891 Horsecar
  • Stockton Terminal and Eastern Railroad now a Freight Railroad 1908 - Present
  • Tidewater Southern Railway (TS) Stockton to Modesto. Later owned by WP and electric operation converted to diesel. Still active trackage.
    • Tidewater and Southern Transit Company 1912
      • Tidewater and Southern Railroad 1910-1912
  • Tuscan Mineral Springs Corporation Electric Railway 1903-? Red Bluff-Tuscan Springs
  • Union Traction Company of Santa Cruz Narrow Gauge 1904-?
    • East Santa Cruz Railroad Horsecar
    • Santa Cruz, Capitola and Watsonville Railway
  • Ventura and Ojai Railway 1887 - connected to SP coastal line and owned by SP soon afterwards. Abandoned and railbanked in two sections: Ojai Valley Trail and Ventura River Trail.
  • Visalia and Tulare Railroad abandoned 1900
  • Visalia Electric Railroad 1904-1992, to SP in 1992.
    • Chowchilla Pacific Railway
  • Volcano Northern Railroad 1903 (Amador County)
  • Visalia Rail Road to SP in 1899
  • Watsonville Railway and Navigation Company 1905
  • Watsonville Traction Company
  • West Coast Land Company aka San Luis Street Railway Narrow Gauge Horsecar 1890-1906
    • San Luis Obispo Street Railway

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