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In Finland, the three main ISP's for cable internet are Welho, Elisa and Sonera and there are several smaller local providers. These three largest have told of upgrades to DOCSIS 3.0 speeds as early as by the end of 2007. At least Elisa already offers 10/1M and 30/1M speeds requiring an 3.0 version modem, and providing Netgear CM232 to upgrading customers.

Internet Service Downstream Upstream Bandwidth Included Price extra notes
Sonera Laajakaista Extra 100/5 100 Mbit 5 Mbit Unlimited No country-wide pricing EuroDOCSIS v3.0 modem required, 2008Q1
Sonera Laajakaista Extra 24/2 24 Mbit 2 Mbit Unlimited N/A EuroDOCSIS v2.0 modem required, 2008Q1
Welho 110 Mbit 5 Mbit Unlimited EuroDOCSIS v3 modem required.
Welho 10M 10 Mbit 1 Mbit Unlimited 44.90 EUR EuroDOCSISv1.1 modem included
Welho 5M 5 Mbit 1 Mbit Unlimited 35.90 EUR EuroDOCSIS v1.1 modem included
Welho 2M 2 Mbit 500 kbit Unlimited 24.90 EUR EuroDOCSIS v1.1 modem included
Welho 275 275 kbit 100 kbit Unlimited 19.90 EUR EuroDOCSIS v1.1 modem included
Elisa Laajakaista Heti 30/1 M 30 Mbit 1 Mbit Unlimited 39.90 EUR EuroDOCSIS v3.0 modem required
Elisa Laajakaista Heti 10M/1M 10 Mbit 1 Mbit Unlimited 34.90 EUR EuroDOCSIS v3.0 modem required
Elisa Laajakaista Heti 3M/600 kbit/s 3 Mbit 600 kbit Unlimited 27.90 EUR EuroDOCSIS modem required
Elisa Laajakaista Heti 1.2M/600 kbit/s 1.2 Mbit 600 kbit Unlimited 21.90 EUR EuroDOCSIS modem required
Elisa Laajakaista Heti 600/600 kbit/s 600 kbit 600 kbit Unlimited 17.90 EUR EuroDOCSIS modem required

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