List of British Words Not Widely Used in The United States - K


Karno's Army
a chaotic, ineffective team (usually: Fred Karno's Army) (related US: Keystone Kops, Gang That Couldn't Shoot Straight)
(informal, also spelt keks) trousers or underpants
kerfuffle *
a disorderly outburst, disturbance or tumult; from Scots carfuffle
(slang) lavatory (numerous alternative spellings are seen, such as karzy, karsey, carzey etc.)
(slang) sleep. (US and UK: nap)
(slang) clothing: hence "Get your kit off": an exhortation to get undressed
kitchen roll
paper towels
(slang) exhausted, originally 'sexually exhausted', derived from an old use of the verb meaning 'to castrate'
knacker's yard
premises where superannuated livestock are sent for rendering, etc. (glue factory). Sometimes refers to the same for vehicles, a scrapyard (US: junkyard)
(slang) testicles
girls' and women's underpants (US: panties): hence, "Don't get your knickers in a twist" (US: don't get your panties in a wad, keep calm, hold your horses, chill out)

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