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Viscount of Druitt (ドルイット子爵, Doruitto Shishaku?)
The Viscount of Druitt, Lord Aleister Chamber (アレイスト・チェンバー, Areisuto Chenbā?), is a noble who is known for his taste in fine art, wine and food. Of course, that is just the facade he upholds to the public. Although he does hold a great interest in those things, under it all he's just generally insane. At one of his many social gatherings, he met Ciel (who was pretending to be a girl at the time). He tried to seduce Ciel, Ciel then ended up getting locked up overnight in one of the auction cages. He has a bigger role in the anime, showing up in several other episodes for comedic relief. He has been shown to be close to Alois's father. He was also involved in a series of dark magic/occult meetings. He once attended Weston College in the Scarlet Fox Dorm, if he was Prefect or not has not been revealed. He is voiced by Tatsuhisa Suzuki in the anime adaption and Todd Haberkorn in the English dub.
Paula (ポーラ, Pōra?)
Paula is Elizabeth's maid who accompanies her where ever she goes. It is shown within the anime that Elizabeth and Paula have a close relationship, as Paula gives her advice and cares for her. After the market on ice in the anime, Paula became obsessed with jingling bells, that she does throughout the rest of the series. She is voiced by Yui Itsuki in the anime adaptation and by Jessica Cavanagh in the English dub.
Queen Victoria (ヴィクトリア女王, Vikutoria Joō?)
Victoria is the Queen of the United Kingdom and has been described as having great beauty and grace. She is overly dramatic and almost insane. She is also very fond of Ciel, as in the manga she calls him 'dear boy' and says he should visit her more often. After the death of her husband and consort Prince Albert, she does not appear in public often and begins to cry hysterically whenever he is mentioned. She also has a stuffed puppet of Albert, of whom she talks to whenever she is troubled and misses him. In the anime adaption, she nearly attempted suicide because of the grief until Ash approached her. Ash gave her youth and attached part of her husband's body from her neck to her clavicle area. Because the skin continues to rot, it causes her great pain. When Ash tries to fix the problem, she refuses to let him. She also plays a villainous role, becoming part of the Organization for everlasting youth and is the one who ordered the destruction of the Phantomhive Family. She later dies and a look-alike is placed on the throne. In the manga, she is served by John Brown (ジョン・ブラウン, Jon Buraun?) who wears large goggles. He spends most of his role trying to keep up with her and calming her hysterical fits of tears. She is voiced by Ayako Kawasumi in the anime adaptation and Alexis Tipton in the English dub.
Fred Aberline (フレッド・アバーライン, Fureddo Abārain?)
Fred Aberline is a young officer of Scotland Yard. In the anime adaption, he is portrayed as one who truly believes in the justice system. He wishes to make London a place where it is safe to have a family and plans to marry his pregnant fiancee. Like Ciel, he had to go through hard times to reach his current situation. Despite this, Ciel describes him as someone who walks in the light, whereas Ciel walks in the darkness. At first, Aberline does not trust Ciel and his position as the Queen's Watchdog, but later joins him as an ally. He is killed by Lau by using his body as a human shield to protect Ciel. His role in the manga adaption is significantly shorter and he is portrayed with a mustache. He is voiced by Hisayoshi Suganuma and Jonathan Brooks in the English dub. Aberline is modeled after the real life Frederick Aberline, the Chief Inspector for the London Metropolitan Police and a prominent investigator of the Jack the Ripper murders.
In the second anime series he seems to have made a comeback with his original manga design intact. In the third episode he is introduced working with Sir Randall on the cases relating to strange human combustion occurring throughout the city. However, he does not seem to recognize Ciel and has more of a serious expression compared to his first TV series' optimistic nature. He also has a mustache similar to his Manga counterpart. However he has mentioned his brother spoke of Ciel, suggesting he is actually Fred's twin.
Angela Blanc (アンジェラ・ブラン, Anjera Buran?) and Ash Landers (アッシュ・ランダース, Asshu Randāsu?)
The anime adaption introduces a hermaphrodite angel with two personalities, initially introduced as two people named Angela and Ash. Angela is introduced as a maid who is treated poorly in public by her master the Lord Henry Barrymore of Houndsworth. Finnian is infatuated with her beauty and seeming kindness, until he learns of her dominatrix personality. She seems to have the desire to be with Sebastian. When the Angela persona is in control, she wants him to recognize her as a woman and has a place beside her in her bid for world domination. Ash is introduced as Queen Victoria's butler who delivers all of her requests to the Phantomhive Head. His appearance is the opposite of Sebastian's; Ash wears a white suit and has white hair. He wears black gloves whereas Sebastian wears white ones. He is connected to the organization that killed Ciel's parents and seems to be the leader as he is able to ask Scotland Yard to arrest Sebastian. Like other members, he has an obsession of purifying souls "unclean" with negative emotions. Eventually, he falls into insanity, leading Sebastian to comment he might be a fallen angel. He is killed by Sebastian's true form. He fights with a sword that resembles a fencing foil, which is strong enough to cut through steel. Angela and Ash are voiced by Akiko Yajima and Satoshi Hino respectively and by Colleen Clinkenbeard and Chuck Huber in the English dub, respectively.
Double Charles (Wチャールズ, Daburu Chāruzu?)
The "Double Charles" are two of the Queen's private secretaries and butlers. They seem to have mysterious jobs pertaining to the Queen's wishes.
Earl Charles Grey (チャールズ・グレイ, Chāruzu Gurei?)
Earl Grey appears as guest at Ciel's private party, where he is later revealed to be the murderer of Siemens by the order of the Queen. He appears quite care free on most occasions but this can change at the slightest provocation. Possessing a great love of food and an enormous appetite, Grey is always seen with his sword, which he uses on a number of occasions to slice open the doors in Ciel's house. Despite appearing as a comical character, he is prone to losing his temper and becoming violent, as seen when he kills Woodley in a fit of rage instead of just arresting him.
Charles Phipps (チャールズ・フィップス, Chāruzu Fippusu?)
In contrast to his partner Charles Grey, Phipps is much more mature and down to earth, behaving with considerably more discipline and is not prone to the violent mood swings. He always carries his sword but is less inclined to use it. Unexpectedly, he also carries a sewing kit which he can use at lightning speed, demonstrated when he uses it to fix Finny's hat.
Arthur Randall (アーサー・ランドル, Āsā Randoru?)
The leader of the Scotland Yard. He genuinely hates Ciel's guts and dubs him a devil. He particularly hates it when Ciel intervenes with his crime cases. His disgust for Ciel is something he shows openly though his social rank is significantly lower than Ciel's.
Nina Hopkins (ニナ・ホプキンス, Nina Hopukinsu?)
A tailor who designs clothes for Ciel and his servants. She seems to like showing off her legs and has stated men disqust her. She also stated she likes women and boys under fifteen, so it is safe to say she is an odd character in Victorian England.
A German nobleman who attended Weston College, as Green Lion Dorm Prefect, with Vincent Phantomhive, the prefect of Shappire Owl Dorm at the time, and after losing a bet had to become his 'fag' for an unspecified time. His last name has yet to be given.

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