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The Piraka were a group of Skakdi who abandoned the Dark Hunters to search for the Mask of Life and claim it for themselves. They came to the island of Voya Nui, where the mask was hidden, and enslaved most of the Matoran living there. After the Toa Inika claimed the Mask of Life and freed the Matoran, the six Piraka followed them into the Pit and were mutated by the waters. Five Piraka, mutated into sea snakes, were imprisoned on Daxia. Since Daxia was destroyed by Teridax, the five Piraka were taken to Zakaz and combined in Energized Protodermis with several other species into a hulking behemoth. Vezon has become a walking dimensional portal, (due to donning a Kanohi Olmak—Mask of Dimensional Gates—and getting hit with an energized protodermis wave after stepping out of a portal), and Zaktan was killed by Teridax in the mind of the Great Spirit. The word "Piraka" is the Matoran word for "thief" and "murderer".

The Piraka were/are

  • Hakann the red Piraka (AKA, the Bully), Enemies of Hakann never know just how he will defeat them - with heat vision, lava launcher or devastating mental blasts. Hated by the other Piraka for his constant scheming, Hakann plans to eliminate them all and steal the Mask of Life for himself. At one time together with Thok stole the energy of Brutaka.
  • Zaktan the green Piraka (AKA, the Snake), Caries a three bladed scissor. Brilliant and ruthless, Zaktan is feared even by the other Piraka. His laser vision, ability to break his body into thousands of microscopic flying protoditens and three-pronged blade help him put down rebellions by the others as they search for the Mask of Life. The strongest and most mysterious Piraka, Zaktan alone may know the true secret to the Zamor Spheres.
  • Vezok the blue Piraka (AKA, the Beast), Nasty and vicious, Vezok's fury is always on the verge of exploding. In battle, he relies on a harpoon that pulls him through the water and a buzzsaw that hurls water daggers. His powerful impact vision and ability to absorb the powers of his enemies makes him a devastating opponent.
  • Reidak the black Piraka (AKA, the Tracer), Strongest of the Piraka, Reidak lives for destruction. His power to adapt after every defeat makes him virtually unstoppable. His infrared and thermal imaging vision lets him track down his enemies so can send them to crushing defeat. His combination drill and buzzsaw can turn solid ground to quicksand.
  • Avak the brown Piraka (AKA, the Trigger), Caries a jackhammer, and a zamor sphere launcher. He is also a technological genius, and has created Zamor Sphere Launchers out of scrap, for the Piraka.
  • Thok the white Piraka (AKA, the Drifter), Caries an ice gun, and a zamor sphere launcher. Once together with Hakann stole the energy of Brutaka.
  • Vezon, The silver-headed, mentally unstable 7th piraka was the result of an accident when the Piraka attempted to steal the legendary Spear of Fusion from Makuta's lair. The spear split Vezok into two beings; himself, and Vezon. After a fight with Makuta's Manas crabs, Vezon escaped and attempted to steal the Mask of Life himself. He failed, and as punishment, he was fused to the mask itself, and him to the monstrous spider-like Fenrakk. Later on, the Toa Inika challenged Vezon and Fenrakk transformed into the titanic Kardas monster, but both were defeated, and the mask escaped and floated down to the underwater realm of Mahri Nui. After, Vezon helped Brutaka, Roodaka, Carapar, and Takadox free Makuta Miserix from his island prison, and went on to steal the Kanohi Olmak, the mask of dimensional gates, and helped free one of the Great Beings. Vezon was released in two second-wave titan sets in 2006, one that included him and Fenrakk, and the other with Kardas, which used pieces from the Axonn and Brutaka sets. In the Matoran language, his name means "double" from which he chose to adopt as his real name.
  • Irnakk, The golden-headed, legendary Skakdi. Originally a character in Skakdi lore, who can never be stopped, and always kills everybody that he wants to in the end. Irnakk was eventually became a real-life illusion, created by the Ignika to temporarily "bring it to life," in order to guard itself against the Piraka. Irnakk carries a zamor sphere launcher, and 3 extra ammo holders.

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