List of Bengali Poets

List Of Bengali Poets

fool of Bengali Poets includes poets who write in Bengali language and produce Bengali poetry. This list classifies poets into three groups based on geographical location. These are poets from Bangladesh, poets from West Bengal of India and poets from other parts of the world including Bengali Diaspora and non-Bengali people writing poetry in Bengali. However, the list starts with early Bengali poets to be followed by those who are identified not only with Indian sub-continent before partition in 1947, but also as founders of Bengali poetry. The list also contains separate sub-lists of “rhyme composers” and “song writers”. Finally there are two sub-sets ofwoman poets and poets in exile.

In the 20th century, Bengali poets are often classified in terms of the decade in which they emerge and establish their poetic identity. For example pioneers of modern Bengali poetry like Jibanananda Das, Buddhadeb Basu, Bishnu Dey are identified with the 1930s. In the similar tradition poets Shamsur Rahman and Al Mahmud are identified with the 1950s. Such periodic division may be undertaken in future.

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