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Classification Scheme

Locomotives in the Grand Duchy of Baden State Railway were organised into classes and were given a railway number as well as names. Their names were derived from the animal kingdom, geographical features (rivers, mountains and towns) as well as people. Because the selection of names became increasingly difficult as more and more vehicles were procured, in 1868 the allocation of names was dropped from locomotive number 218 onwards. In 1882, all name plates were removed.

Railway numbers were issued in sequence. When locomotives were retired, their numbers were allocated to the next locomotives to be delivered. Up to 1882 the name was also adopted. In 1872 an attempt was made to organise the sequence of numbers within locomotive classes. The numbers were swapped around, but locomotives retained the same name. Because there were limits to the practicality of this, it was given up again five years later.

From the 1880s the state railway tried again to organise the railway numbers. Initially shunting locomotives began to be allocated numbers starting at 500. As this threshold was soon reached by the normal vehicle fleet, locomotives were given numbers in the 600s and later in the 1000s.

Unlike other railways, class designations were included from the start. For each new design, a new class number was issued. As a result classes I to XIV had emerged by 1868.

In 1868 a new system was introduced. This entailed engines with the same features or requirements being grouped together.

Class Type
I Light tank locomotives
II Newer four-coupled express train locomotives
III Older four-coupled express train locomotives
IV Passenger train and express train locomotives with the six coupled wheels
V Older locomotives for mixed traffic trains
VI Newer passenger train tank locomotives
VII Goods train locomotives with the six coupled wheels
VIII Goods train locomotives with eight coupled wheels
IX Rack railway locomotives
X Heavy shunting locomotives, crane locomotive

The locomotives previously organised under the old scheme were transferred into the new classes. In order to improve clarity, the old class designations are shown in italics.

Old scheme New scheme
Ia, Ib, Ic IIa (ex Ic); others already retired
IIIa, IIIb, IIIc IIb (ex IIIc); others already retired
V Vb
VI Already retired
Xa, Xb, Xc, Xd VI (ex Xc); VIIa (ex Xd); VIIb (ex Xa, Xb)

Using the additional lower case letters "a" to "h", the various sub-types within a class were distinguished. In addition, each delivery batch was indicated with a superscript.

Thus the VIb10 is the tenth batch of Class VIb passenger train tank locomotives.

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