List of Babylon 5 Characters - Minor Characters - Dius Vintari

Dius Vintari
Babylon 5 character
First appearance Voices in the Dark
Last appearance Voices in the Dark
Portrayed by Keegan Macintosh
Species Centauri
Home planet Centauri Prime
Affiliated with Centauri Republic

Dius Vintari is the son of the Centauri Emperor Cartagia, and is the third in the line of succession to the Centauri throne, directly behind Vir Cotto, the assassin of Vintari's father, Emperor Cartagia. According to Galen, he will become the Emperor of the Centauri Republic in 2291, succeeding Vir.

Galen had a vision of a future in which Vintari, after becoming Emperor, would wage war on Earth and kill billions. Galen approaches President Sheridan to make appeal, and have him prevent this future by killing Vintari. Sheridan considers it, but after meeting the young man, decides instead to take him under his wing and bring him to Minbar, raising him as a son.

This way, Sheridan hopes to turn him away from the destructive path Galen warned about by showing him a peaceful and trusting way of life. Furthermore, Sheridan confronts Galen, who is seemingly upset at the thwarting of his plan, and all but makes him admit that the Technomage's actual plan was to manipulate Sheridan into making the moral decision he made.

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