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Elsbett Mossadim

Elsbett Mossadim, played by Kimberly Huie, is a Nietzschean and the first daughter of the Sabra Pride, she was first seen in the episode The Honey Offering.

Trained as a fighter from an early age for a secret mission to marry the Archduke of Pride Jaguar under a pretence of trying to form an alliance between the prides, she would then activate a Neutron Bomb killing everyone in Pride Jaguar's capital city but leaving the buildings standing. She was outmaneuvered by Dylan Hunt, who forced the Sabra and the Jaguar into an alliance in order to defend themselves from the more powerful Drago-Kazov pride, who sought to prevent their unification. Instead of continuing with her mission Elsbett wed the Archduke and unified the two prides into the Sabra-Jaguar pride. She briefly expressed a possible interest in Dylan- which Beka averted by pretending that she and Dylan were involved-, but later admitted after the marriage to the Archduke that the Archduke was not entirely unsatisfactory as a mate.

Elsbett was next encountered in the season two episode Bunker Hill. As a signatory of the mutual defense pact she coaxed Dylan- incidentally, still believing that he and Beka were involved- into assisting the Sabra-Jaguar in their continuing war with the Drago-Kazov.

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