List of Ancient Egyptians - Q


Name Main Title Dynasty Date Comment
Qa'a Pharaoh 1st dynasty fl. c. 29th century BC The last king of the 1st dynasty of Egypt.
Qakare Ibi Pharaoh 8th dynasty fl. c. 22nd century BC He reigned c. 2169 BC – c. 2167 BC, during the First Intermediate Period.
Qalhata Queen 25th dynasty fl. c. late-8th century BC Qalhata was a daughter of King Piye and a queen consort to her brother Shabaka.
Qar Pharaoh 16th dynasty The sixth pharaoh of the Hyksos Sixteenth dynasty of Egypt
Qen Artisan 19th dynasty fl. c. 13th century BC Qen lived in Deir el-Medina during the reign of Ramesses II. His titles included Servant in the Place of Truth, meaning that he work on the excavation and decoration of nearby royal tombs.
Qenna Merchant Known from the Papyrus of Qenna, a part of the Book of the Dead.

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