List of Alternative Dungeons & Dragons Classes - 3rd and 3.5 Editions - Dungeon Master's Guide

In its Dungeon Master's Guide, 3rd edition introduced five NPC classes not intended for player use. These were the first official alternative base classes, and still the only ones detailed in the core 3 books. All five of these classes were retained in the 3.5 edition Dungeon Master's Guide.

Class Description Statistics
Adept Adepts are practitioners of divine magic, similar to Clerics, but are less formally trained. They typically arise in poorer or frontier areas, and are common among bestial humanoids as their link to their deity. Unlike Clerics, who possess decent physical combat ability, Adepts' physical combat capabilities are poor. OGL stats


Aristocrat The Aristocrat class reflects those of a wealthy and refined upbringing. While nobles commonly meet the description, rich and educated commoners can as well. Due to their extensive education, good diet, and reasonable medical care, Aristocrats possess a wide variety of skills, are reasonably tough, and possess familiarity with combat and martial weapons. OGL stats


Commoner Commoners are unskilled average folk and comprise the bulk of the non-player characters of most settings, existing as peasants and laborers. They possess practically no skill at combat and have no special abilities. OGL stats
Expert Experts are skilled common people, such as tradesmen, scholars, and educated merchants. They possess considerable acumen at their areas of expertise, and receive a large amount of skill points to reflect this. While more familiar with combat than Commoners, Experts are only familiar with the simplest of weapons. OGL stats
Warrior Warriors are trained for combat, similar to Fighters. However, they possess more casual training, similar to that given to a town guard or low-ranking army recruit. This is reflected in their lesser rate of hit point growth than fighters and their lack of special abilities. OGL stats

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