List of Air Ministry Specifications - List of Specifications (incomplete) - 1930-1939


Spec. OR Type Designs (accepted and tendered)
M.1/30 Torpedo bomber - Spec. supersedes M5/28 (q.v.) Blackburn M.1/30, Handley Page H.P.46, Vickers Type 207
2/30 Dual control conversion set issued to Blackburn but then cancelled
3/30 Basic trainer - Avro 504N replacement Avro Type 621 Trainer
5/30 Mail carrier Vickers Type 166 Vellore II
6/30 ab initio trainer - Lynx-Avro (Avro 504N) production order Avro 504N
F.7/30 Fighter capable of at least 250 mph and armed with four machine guns Blackburn F.3, Bristol Type 123, Bristol Type 133, Gloster Gladiator, Gloster SS.19, Hawker P.V.3, Supermarine Type 224, Westland F.7/30
8/30 ab initio trainer - Moth with Gypsy II order de Havilland Moth
S.9/30 Two-seat carrier-borne torpedo bomber/three-seat spotter-reconnaissance aircraft Fairey T.S.R.I, Gloster FS.36 ;see also S.15/33
16/30 Naval fighter - written for Nimrod Hawker Nimrod
18/30 Fairey IIIF replacement Fairey Gordon I
19/30 Naval fighter/reconnaissance with folding wings and interchangeable wheel/float U/C Hawker Osprey
G.4/31 General-purpose/torpedo bomber - Wapiti & Gordon replacement - Wellesley one of two designs submitted by Vickers and itself a PV - see also G.22/35 Blackburn B-7, Bristol Type 120, Fairey G.4/31, Handley Page H.P.47, Hawker P.V.4, Parnall G.4/31, Vickers G.4/31, Vickers Wellesley, Westland PV-7
5/31 Long-range bomber - Virginia production order Vickers Virginia
13/31 ab initio trainer with complete freedom for parachute escape by both occupants - D.H.60T accepted with modifications, becoming D.H.82 - see also T.23/31 (Note: some sources give 13/31 as an order for the Ripon IIC) Avro Type 631 Cadet, de Havilland D.H. 60T Tiger Moth
18/31 Basic trainer - Avro Type 621 Trainer with Lynx engine Avro Tutor
R.19/31 Three-engined long-range reconnaissance flying boat - Rangoon three-aircraft production order Short Rangoon
R.20/31 Twin-engined flying boat - all-metal Kestrel-engined Southampton II (Southampton IV/Scapa) Supermarine Scapa
T.23/31 Tiger Moth I production order de Havilland Tiger Moth I
R.24/31 General Purpose Open Sea Patrol Flying Boat Saunders Roe London, Short R.24/31 Knuckleduster, Supermarine Stranraer
C.26/31 OR.4 Bomber-transport - Valentia replacement Armstrong Whitworth A.W.23, Bristol Bombay, Handley Page H.P.51. Vickers Type 230 - (not built)
B.9/32 OR.5 Twin-engine medium day bomber with appreciably higher performance than predecessors - later revised to specify Goshawk power and subsequently re-revised with Goshawk requirement dropped Vickers Crecy, Handley Page Hampden, Bristol Type 131
S.11/32 Naval catapult observation/spotting seaplane for carriage on cruisers Fairey Seafox
T.12/32 Trainer Bristol Type 124
19/32 Conversion of Westland Wapiti into Westland Wallace standard Westland Wallace
20/32 Three-engined long-range reconnaissance flying boat - improved Iris with Buzzard engines Blackburn Perth
25/32 Basic trainer - revised-Tutor production order Avro Tutor I
B.23/32 Twin-engine medium bomber - written for Heyford I & IA production order Handley Page Heyford Mk. I/IA
P.27/32 Light day bomber - Hart/Hind replacement - see P.23/35 Armstrong Whitworth A.W.29, Fairey Battle, Gloster P.27/32, Bristol Type 136
R.1/33 Patrol/reconnaissance flying boat Westland-Hill Pterodactyl Mk.VII
R.2/33 Long-range patrol/reconnaissance flying boat Short Sunderland, Saro A.33
R.3/33 Long-range patrol/reconnaissance flying boat - trials order for Singapore III Short Singapore III
F.5/33 Twin-engine two-seat turret fighter - later cancelled Armstrong Whitworth A.W.34, Boulton Paul P.76, Bristol Type 140, Gloster F.5/33, Parnall F.5/33, Westland-Hill Pterodactyl Mk.V
T.6/33 Tiger Moth floatplane two aircraft evaluation order de Havilland Tiger Moth
13/33 4-engined mail seaplane and 4-engine flying boat carrier - Short-Mayo Composite Short S.20 Mercury, Short S.21 Maia
14/33 Fairey Gordon II production order Fairey Gordon II
S.15/33 Naval carrier-borne torpedo bomber/spotter/reconnaissance (TSR) - Fairey 9/30 (q.v.) design modified and re-submitted as T.S.R.II - Spec. replaces S.9/30 & M.1/30 (q.v.) Blackburn Shark, Fairey Swordfish, Gloster TSR.38
18/33 Radio-controlled Fleet gunnery target aircraft de Havilland Queen Bee
21/33 Three-seat general purpose/Army co-operation aircraft - Fairey IIIF/Wapiti replacement - improved Vildebeest Vickers Vincent
F.22/33 Fighter Bristol Type 141
G.23/33 General purpose aeroplane - Hart for Middle East Hawker Hardy
24/33 Gloster Gauntlet production order Gloster Gauntlet
25/33 Twin-engined troop and cargo transport - improved Victoria Vickers Valentia
T.26/33 Tiger Moth II production order de Havilland Tiger Moth II
B.29/33 Twin engine medium day bomber with power-operated nose turret Boulton Paul Sidestrand V (Overstrand)
2/34 High-altitude research aircraft capable of reaching 50,000 ft Bristol Type 138A
B.3/34 Twin-engine night bomber & bomber/transport - Virginia, Heyford & Hendon replacement - transport requirement later removed after protests from manufacturers Armstrong Whitworth Whitley, Handley Page Harrow, Bristol Type 144
P.4/34 Light bomber and close air support aircraft Fairey P.4/34, Hawker Henley
F.5/34 High-performance fighter with air-cooled engine for overseas (hot climate) use Bristol Type 146, Gloster G.38, Martin-Baker M.B.2, Vickers Type 279 Venom
G.7/34 Interim Hart day bomber replacement Hawker Hind
R.14/34 Written for Singapore III production order Short Singapore III
16/34 Three-seat general purpose aircraft - Vincent I production order including conversion of outstanding Vildebeests to Vincents Vickers Vincent I
B.20/34 Twin-engine night bomber - Hendon production order to this spec - see also B.19/27 Fairey Hendon
22/34 Close-support aircraft - Audax for SAAF Hawker Hartebees
B.23/34 Twin engine medium day bomber - Overstrand production order Boulton Paul Overstrand
24/34 Basic trainer - production order for second batch of definitive Tutor design - see 3/30, 18/31 & 25/32 Avro Tutor I
O.27/34 Naval dive bomber Blackburn Skua
B.28/34 Twin-engine medium bomber - written for Heyford II production order Handley Page Heyford Mk. II
30/34 Twin-engined troop and cargo transport - Valentia I production order Vickers Valentia I
32/34 Navigation trainer - Prefect production order Avro 626/Prefect
F.36/34 (modified by F.5/34) Eight-gun fighter with Rolls-Royce PV-12 engine Supermarine Spitfire, Hawker Hurricane
F.37/34 Eight-gun fighter with Rolls-Royce PV-12 engine capable of 350 mph - see also F.36/34 & F.10/35 Supermarine Spitfire
S.38/34 Written for Swordfish production order Fairey Swordfish I
A.39/34 Two-seat Army co-operation aeroplane Bristol Type 148, Westland Lysander
B.1/35 OR.19 Twin-engine medium bomber Airspeed A.S.29, Armstrong Whitworth A.W.39, Handley Page H.P.55, Vickers Warwick
2/35 Naval catapult-launched observation/spotting flying boat for carriage on cruisers Supermarine Walrus
F.9/35 Two-seat four-gun turret fighter - Demon replacement Hawker Hotspur, Boulton Paul Defiant, Bristol Type 147
F.10/35 Drawn up for the Spitfire prototype Supermarine Spitfire
13/35 Naval torpedo-spotter-reconnaissance aircraft - written for Shark production order Blackburn Shark
14/35 Army Co-operation aircraft - Audax replacement Hawker Hector
F.14/35 Written for Gladiator I initial production order Gloster Gladiator I
M.15/35 Land-based general reconnaissance/torpedo-bomber Blackburn Botha, Bristol Beaufort
16/35 Autogyro - written for Cierva C.30/Avro 671 Rota evaluation order Avro Rota
18/35 Twin-engined coastal reconnaissance landplane - written for Anson Avro Anson
20/35 Radio-controlled Fleet gunnery target aircraft - Queen Bee production order de Havilland Queen Bee
B.21/35 Twin-engine medium bomber - written for Whitley II production order Armstrong Whitworth Whitley II
G.22/35 General-purpose day and night bomber and coastal-defence torpedo-carrier - Wellesley production order - see also G.4/31 Vickers Wellesley
P.23/35 Written for Battle I production order Fairey Battle I
G.24/35 General Reconnaissance - Anson replacement Bristol Type 149, Bristol Beaufort
26/35 Naval fighter/reconnaissance - Osprey IV production order Hawker Osprey IV
B.27/35 Twin-engine medium bomber - written for Heyford III production order Handley Page Heyford Mk. III
B.28/35 Drawn up for Bristol 142M Bristol Blenheim
B.29/35 Written for Harrow initial production order Handley Page Harrow
O.30/35 Naval turret-fighter - fighter development of Skua accepted Blackburn Roc, Boulton Paul P.85
Q.32/35 Radio-controlled Fleet Gunnery target aircraft - Queen Bee replacement Airspeed Queen Wasp
F.34/35 Twin-engined turret-armed fighter Gloster F.34/35
F.35/35 Very high speed fighter Airspeed A.S.31 (not built)
36/35 Trans-Atlantic mail plane de Havilland Albatross
F.37/35 OR.31 Fighter with cannon Westland Whirlwind, Hawker Hurricane with Oerlikon cannon, Supermarine Type 313, Bristol Type 153
39/35 Twin-engine communications aircraft - Envoy with dorsal turret order for SAAF Airspeed Envoy
R.1/36 OR.32 Small reconnaissance flying boat Saro Lerwick, Blackburn B-20
2/36 Development of the Cierva C.30 (cancelled)
3/36 Development of the Avro 652A (cancelled)
4/36 Catapult bomber (cancelled) Short S.27
5/36 OR.33 Improved Walrus for the Fleet Air Arm Supermarine Walrus
T.6/36 OR.34 Advanced monoplane trainer mounting manually operated dorsal turret - Don accepted but proved unsuitable de Havilland Don, Miles Kestrel
M.7/36 Torpedo Spotter Reconnaissance aircraft (cancelled) Fairey Albacore
O.8/36 OR.36 Reconnaissance dive bomber for the Fleet Air Arm (cancelled)
S.9/36 Three-seat spotter fighter for the Fleet Air Arm (cancelled) Fairey S.9/36
10/36 OR.38 Written for Beaufort production order Bristol Beaufort I
11/36 OR.39 Interim General Reconnaissance - aircraft later renamed 'Blenheim IV' and 'Bolingbroke' name transferred to Canadian-built Blenheim Bristol Bolingbroke I
B.12/36 OR.40 Four-engine heavy bomber Armstrong Whitworth B.12/36, Short Stirling, Supermarine Type 316
P.13/36 OR.41 Twin-engined medium bomber for "world-wide use" introduction delayed due to production difficulties necessitating further order of Whitleys & Wellingtons Avro Manchester (2 prototypes ordered), Handley Page H.P.56 (one prototype ordered), Hawker P.13/36 (project only), Vickers Warwick with Rolls-Royce Vulture engines.
14/36 Production specification for the Fairey Battle I Fairey Battle (500 ordered later reduced to 311)
F.15/36 Written for Hurricane redesigned for Merlin II Hawker Hurricane I
17/36 Written for Hotspur initial production order - later cancelled Hawker Hotspur; cancelled
19/36 Naval torpedo-spotter-reconnaissance aircraft - written for Shark additional production order Blackburn Shark
B.20/36 Twin-engine medium bomber - written for Whitley III production order Armstrong Whitworth Whitley III
T.23/36 Multi-role crew trainer Airspeed Oxford
25/36 Written for Skua initial production order Blackburn Skua
26/36 Written for Roc initial production order Blackburn Roc
29/36 Written for Wellington (revised Crecy from B.9/32) initial production order Vickers Wellington I
B.30/36 Written for Hampden initial production order Handley Page Hampden I
33/36 Written for Blenheim I production order (Rootes) Bristol Blenheim I
36/36 Written for Lysander initial production order Westland Lysander I
37/36 Written for Walrus additional production order Supermarine Walrus I
39/36 Written for Botha additional production order (Boulton Paul) - cancelled Blackburn Botha
T.40/36 OR.44 Development and production of a trainer version of the Miles Hawk Miles Magister
S.41/36 Three-seat torpedo/spotter-reconnaissance aircraft - Swordfish replacement Fairey Albacore
42/36 Target tug - order for Henley target tug conversions by Gloster's Hawker Henley III
43/36 Autogyro Cierva C.40 Rota II
B.44/36 Written for Dagger-Hampden (Hereford) production order Handley Page Hereford I
45/36 Written for Botha additional production order (Blackburn) - cancelled Blackburn Botha
47/36 Written for Bombay II production order Bristol Bombay II
T.1/37 Basic trainer Heston T.1/37 Trainer, Miles M.15, Parnall Heck III, Airspeed A.S.36 (not built)
2/37 Written for Blenheim I production order (Avro) Bristol Blenheim I
6/37 Twin-engine VIP transport aircraft - order for The King's Flight Airspeed Envoy
Q.8/37 Radio-controlled Fleet Gunnery target aircraft - Queen Bee replacement - role subsequently carried-on by Queen Wasp - see Q.32/35 Airspeed A.S.37 (not built)
F.9/37 OR.49 Twin-engine day/night fighter Gloster G.39
F.11/37 Twin-engine two-seat day & night fighter/ground support Boulton Paul P.92
F.18/37 Heavily armed interceptor armed with 12 x 0.303 mgs and capable of at least 400 mph Bristol F.18/37, Gloster F.18/37, Hawker Tornado, Hawker Typhoon, Supermarine Type 324, Supermarine Type 325
19/37 Written for Manchester I production order Avro Manchester I
20/37 Written for Roc floatplane production order Blackburn Roc
S.23/37 OR.52 Four-engine carrier-based Fleet shadower/follower - low-speed, high-endurance, ship-tracking aircraft - requirement later rendered obsolete due to introduction of radar Airspeed AS.39, General Aircraft GAL.38
S.24/37 OR.53 Naval torpedo/dive-bomber, reconnaissance - Supermarine entry featured variable-incidence wing Supermarine S.24/37, Fairey Barracuda
32/37 Written for Halifax initial production order Handley Page Halifax I Srs 1 - I Srs 3
B.32/37 OR.44 Production contract for a four-engine version of the P.13/36 H.P.56 design Handley Page H.P.57 Halifax
37/37 Magister I production order Miles Magister I
38/37 Three-seat communications aircraft & instrument/wireless trainer Miles Mentor
T.39/37 Three-seat communications aircraft & instrument/wireless trainer Airspeed AS.42 Oxford for the Royal New Zealand Air Force
42/37 Specification for wooden mockup of Miles X2 large transport aeroplane - not built - lead to Miles M.30X Minor scale testbed Miles M.30X Minor
43/37 Engine testbed Folland Fo.108; designs also tendered by General Aircraft & Percival
S.7/38 Naval catapult-launched observation/spotting flying boat - Walrus replacement Supermarine Sea Otter
O.8/38 Naval carrier-borne fighter/observation - winner developed from Fairey's earlier P.4/34 entry Fairey Fulmar
B.9/38 Twin-engine medium bomber of simple construction using materials other than light alloy wherever possible see B.17/38 and B.18/38
14/38 Long-range pressurised high-altitude monoplane transport/airliner (Shorts) - 3 prototypes ordered, construction started - cancelled Short S.32
15/38 Short/Medium-range monoplane transport/airliner (Fairey) - Fairey FC.1, 14-aircraft production order - cancelled Fairey FC1, General Aircraft GAL.40
16/38 Trainer - Master I production order Miles Master T.Mk.I
B.17/38 Twin-engine medium bomber of mixed wood/metal construction Bristol Type 155 (cancelled by Bristol)
B.18/38 Twin-engine medium bomber of mixed wood/metal construction Armstrong Whitworth Albemarle
B.19/38 Bomber with 8,000 lb load and eight 20mm cannon in two turrets - revised to become B.1/39 Bristol Type 157
20/38 Communications aircraft - Vega Gull order Percival Vega Gull
21/38 Communications aircraft - Dominie production order de Havilland Dominie
S.22/38 Naval helicopter Cierva C.41 Gyrodyne
24/38 Twin-engine communications aircraft - Envoy production order Airspeed Envoy
25/38 Twin-engine communications aircraft Percival Petrel
26/38 OR.65 Three-seat wireless or navigation training aircraft with dual controls - Vega Gull adapted for communications training Percival Proctor I
28/38 OR.66 Two-seat helicopter - written for Weir W.6 Weir W.6
T.29/38 Twin-engine R/T (Radio Telephony) training aircraft - Dominie three aircraft order de Havilland Dominie
B.1/39 "Ideal Bomber" Four-engined heavy bomber with 9,000 lb bomb load and 20mm cannon defence (revised B.19/38) - work suspended June 1940 Handley Page H.P.60, Bristol Type 159
T.4/39 OR.68 Single-engined trainer Airspeed Cambridge - (two prototypes ordered, no production contract)
R.5/39 Long-range patrol flying boat - Sunderland replacement - superseded by R.14/40 (q.v.) Saunders-Roe S.38 - later cancelled
N.8/39 Naval two-seat carrier-borne fighter - Roc replacement - replaced by N.5/40 see N.5/40
N.9/39 Naval two-seat carrier-borne fighter - Fulmar replacement - replaced by N.5/40 see N.5/40
F.17/39 Long-range fighter development of Bristol Beaufort - written for Beaufighter Bristol Beaufighter
F.18/39 Fighter - Hurricane/Spitfire replacement Martin-Baker M.B.3, Martin-Baker M.B.5
19/39 Twin-engine transport aircraft - order for Hertfordshire later cancelled de Havilland Hertfordshire
20/39 Twin-engine communications aircraft - order for No. XXIV Squadron RAF de Havilland Flamingo
21/39 Twin-engine VIP transport aircraft - order for The King's Flight de Havilland Flamingo
F.22/39 OR.76 Fighter fitted with heavy-calibre nose-mounted gun Vickers 414 Vickers Type 432 - also tests with Vickers Type 439 testbed - specification later cancelled
B.23/39 Very high altitude version of Wellington capable of operating at 40,000 ft Vickers Wellington V
E.28/39 Experimental aircraft using Whittle jet-propulsion with provision for 4 x 0.303 machine guns Gloster E.28/39

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