List of Acronyms and Initialisms: M - MO


  • mo – (s) Moldovan language (ISO 639-1 code)
  • Mo – (s) Molybdenum
  • MO – (s) Macau (ISO 3166 digram) – (i) Medical Officer – (s) Missouri (postal symbol) – (i) modus operandi (Latin, "mode of operation") – (s) Morocco (FIPS 10-4 country code)
  • MOA – Museum of Art (Brigham Young University)
  • MOAB – (a) Massive Ordnance Air Blast (official) – Mother Of All Bombs (slang)
  • MOB – (i) Man Over Board – Marching Owl Band – Movable Object Block
  • MOC – (i) Macedonian Orthodox Church – Measure Of Capability – Mission Operations Centre – My Own Creation (Lego)
  • MOCAS – (a) Mechanization Of Contract Administration Services
  • MoD – (i) Ministry of Defence (United Kingdom) and various other countries
  • MOD – (i) Magneto-optical disc – Masters of Deception – Minimum Object Distance – Multiple Organ Dysfunction
  • MoDAF – (p) Ministry of Defence Architecture Framework ("moh-daff")
  • modem – (p) Modulator-Demodulator
  • ModSAF – (p) Modular Semi-Automated Forces (military simulation)
  • Moe – (a) Marvel of entertainment
  • MOE – (i) Measure Of Effectiveness
  • MOF – (a/i) Ministry of Finance (Japan)
  • MOFA – (a/i) Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Japan)
  • MOH – (a/i) Medal of Honor – Music On Hold
  • MOID – (i) Minimum Orbital Intersection Distance
  • mol – (s) Moldovan language (ISO 639-2 code) – mole (unit)
  • MOLO – (a) Mobile Other Licenced Operator (UK)
  • MoM – (a) Multiple of the median
  • MOM – (a) Message Oriented Middleware
  • MOM – (a) Master's Degree in Oriental medicine
  • MoMA – (a) Museum of Modern Art (NYC)
  • mon – (s) Mongolian language (ISO 639-2 code)
  • MOND – (p) Modified Newtonian Dynamics
  • MOO – (i) Measure Of Outcome
  • MOOTW – (p) Military Operations Other Than War ("moot-double-you")
  • MOP – (s) Macau pataca (ISO 4217 currency code) – (i) Measure Of Performance
  • MOPE – (a) Ministry of Population and Environment (Nepal) – Most Oppressed People Ever (politics)
  • MOPP – (i/a) Mission-Oriented Protective Posture
  • MORP – (a) Meteorite Observation and Recovery Project
  • MORS – (i) Military Operations Research Society
  • MOS – (i) Military Occupational Specialty – (a) Mit Out Sound / Motor Only Sync – (i) Mobile Object System – Model Output Statistics – Multiplayer Online Services - (a) Mean Opinion Score
  • MOS-CQ - (a) Mean Opinion Score - Conversational Quality (ITU-T P.800.1)
  • MOS-LQ - (a) Mean Opinion Score - Listening Quality (ITU-T P.800.1)
  • MOSFET – (a) Metal-Oxide-Semiconductor Field-Effect Transistor
  • MOSS – (p) MObile Submarine Simulator – (a) Moving Object Support System
  • MOT – (i) Ministry of Transport (UK)
  • MOTA – (i) Member of the Orthodontic Technicians Association
  • MOTESS – (a) Moving Object and Transient Event Search System
  • MOTO – (a) Mail Order / Telephone Order – Master of the obvious
  • MOU – (i) Memorandum Of Understanding
  • MOUT – (i) Military Operations in Urban Terrain
  • MOVES – (a) Modeling, Virtual Environments, and Simulation Institute
  • MOW – (i) Maintenance of way (also MW)
  • MOZ – (s) Mozambique (ISO 3166 trigram)

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