List of ABC College Football Personalities

  • Sean McDonough, play-by-play, Chris Spielman, analyst, and Quint Kessenich or Shelley Smith, sideline reporter.
    • Eight games: USC-Syracuse (with Smith), California-Ohio State, Oregon State-UCLA, Oklahoma-Texas Tech, West Virginia-Texas Tech, Nebraska-Michigan State, Penn State-Nebraska, and Michigan-Ohio State.
  • Mike Patrick, play-by-play, Ed Cunningham, analyst, and Jeannine Edwards or George Smith, sideline reporter.
    • Eleven games: Southern Miss-Nebraska, Penn State-Virginia (with Smith), Navy-Penn State, Temple-Penn State, Oregon State-BYU, Virginia Tech-Clemson, Michigan State-Wisconsin, Oklahoma-Iowa State, NC State-Clemson, Nebraska-Iowa and Boise State-Nevada.
  • Bob Wischusen, play-by-play, Danny Kanell, analyst, and Maria Taylor, sideline reporter.
    • Nine games: Miami-Boston College, Air Force-Michigan, North Carolina-Louisville, Illinois-Wisconsin, Illinois-Michigan, Nebraska-Northwestern, Texas-Texas Tech, Louisville-Syracuse, and Cincinnati-Connecticut.
  • Dave Lamont, play-by-play, and Kelly Stouffer, analyst.
    • Four games: Texas Tech-TCU, Temple-Louisville, West Virginia-Oklahoma State, and West Virginia-Iowa State.
  • Brent Musburger, play-by-play, Kirk Herbstreit, analyst, and Heather Cox, sideline reporter. (Saturday Night Football crew)
    • One game: Ohio State-Michigan State.
  • Brad Nessler, play-by-play, Todd Blackledge, analyst, and Holly Rowe, sideline reporter. (ESPN crew)
    • Two games: Texas-Oklahoma and Florida-Florida State.
  • Joe Tessitore, play-by-play, Matt Millen, analyst, and Maria Taylor or Quint Kessenich, sideline reporter (ESPN crew)
    • Two games: USC-Arizona and Ohio State-Wisconsin (with Kessenich).
  • Mark Neely, play-by-play, and Ray Bentley, analyst. (ESPN crew)
    • Two games: South Florida-Louisville and Iowa State-Texas.
  • Beth Mowins, play-by-play, Joey Galloway, analyst, and Lewis Johnson, sideline reporter (ESPN2 crew)
    • One game: Purdue-Ohio State.
  • Tom Hart, play-by-play, and John Congemi, analyst. (ESPNU crew)
    • One game: Miami-Virginia.

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