List of A1 Weapons - Machine Guns

Machine Guns

  • HK21A1 and HK11A1, two variants of the German Heckler & Koch HK21 machine gun
  • M1917A1, a variant of the American M1917 Browning machine gun

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St. √Čtienne Mle 1907 - History
... the century the French military evaluated machine guns made by the private French firm of Hotchkiss et Cie ... While the tests were technically convincing, following which Hotchkiss machine-guns were purchased for French alpine and colonial troops, it was ... A first attempt by a French government arsenal near Paris( APX )was the Puteaux M1905 machine gun inspired by the first gas actuated blow forward Bang rifle ...
Siege Of Musa Qala - Siege Renewed
... Taliban attacks resumed, using every weapon in their arsenal, including machine guns, RPGs, mortars and Chinese-made 107mm rockets ... The Danish squadron, known as the Griffins, had eight.50 cal heavy machine guns mounted on the bases sangars, giving them an all-round field of fire, and built ramps for their armoured vehicles ... led to a weakening of the bases defenses,as Easy Company now had only two.50 cal machine guns and nine 7.62 mm GPMGs ...
Lee Christmas - Central America - Battle of La Ceiba
... year, with a reorganized force supplied with US Army surplus Colt Model 1895 machine guns ... Christmas used his machine guns for fire support of the infantry with interlocking fields of fire, inflicting some six hundred casualties on the government forces ... This tactical use of machine guns would become standard practice in the First World War ...

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