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Guest Stars

Portrayed by Kellan Lutz during season one, George Evans is a West Beverly High resident and a lacrosse teammate of Ethan Ward, who becomes a rival to Dixon Wilson. Kimberly MacIntyre, portrayed by Jessica Lucas in season one, is an undercover police officer who pretends to be a student at West Bev. She has a short romantic relationship with Ryan, but leaves again when she finds the drug dealer she was looking for.

John Schneider portrays Liam's plastic surgeon stepfather Jeffrey Sarkossian during the second season. He has a very bad relationship with Liam and also cheats on Liam's mother Colleen. After Liam steals an ancient coin from him, he kicks Liam out. Amber Wallace portrays Lila in season two, Navid's new love interest and a member of "The Glorious Steinems", a band Adrianna joins. Diego Boneta portrays Javier Luna, a famous singer, during the end of season two and the first episode of season three. Javier becomes a small love interest for Adrianna, but she chooses Navid in the end. When Adrianna returns from touring with him, they get involved in a car crash, which kills Javier. In the season three finale, Adrianna sees the ghost of Javier, who tells her she is a bad person and should just kill herself, but after seeing her friends, she doesn't.

Liza Waltz portrays Katherine Upton in season three. She hires Annie as an intern. She also asks Annie if she can donate her eggs, but Annie eventually declines. Emily Bradford, played by Abbie Cobb in season three, is Annie and Dixon's cousin from Kansas. Emily comes to town intent on stealing everything from Annie, including her acting parts and her boyfriend Liam, but soon leaves after Liam and Annie trick her into exposing her true self. Marco Salazar, portrayed by Freddie Smith in season three, is Teddy Montgomery's new love interest. They meet when Teddy accidentally hits Marco with a tennis ball and soon after begin a relationship, but break up during the summer.

Summer Bishil portrays Leila Shirazi in season four, Navid's little sister who comes to live with Navid and Silver and causesseveral problems. Jeremy, portrayed by Matt Cohen in season four, is a family member of Marla Templeton and fights with Annie over her inheritance. At first it seems he's winning, but when Annie breaks in his home and tapes him saying bad things about Marla, she wins. Megalyn Echikunwoke portrays Holly Strickler in season four, a student at CU and a rival of Naomi's. Jane, portrayed by Kristina Apgar in season four, is a widow who becomes a love interest for Liam, but when it is found out that her husband is actually still alive, she returns to him. Portrayed by Cameron Goodman in season four, Bree is a CU student and escort that helps Annie get a job as an escort too. Sarah Hagan portrays Alana in season four, a nerdy girl who joins Naomi's sorority. Shane, portrayed by Ryan Rottman in season four, is a new love interest for Teddy who is fighting for marriage equality. He later leaves with Teddy to Washington in order to make a difference. Brandy Norwood portrays Marissa Harris-Young in season four, a young politician in the race to be elected to congress, who hires Silver to make campaign ads. Patrick Westhill, portrayed by Chris L. McKenna in season four, is a rich business man who hires Annie as an escort and later starts a relationship with her. Annie finds out that he is still hiring escorts, but stays with him in order to get money for Dixon's rehab. She breaks up with him after she is able to get Marla Templeton's inheritance. Tiffany Hines portrays Kat in season four, a police officer who helps Navid to arrest his uncle Amal. Kat later starts having feelings for Navid, but he is still in love with Silver.

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