List of 1998 Nashville Tornado Outbreak Tornadoes - Confirmed Tornadoes - April 15 Event

April 15 Event

F# Location County Time (UTC) Path length Damage
F0 N of Hoopole Henry 2050 0.1 miles
(0.16 km)
Minor damage to a corn field
F0 W of Viola Mercer 2200 0.1 miles
(0.16 km)
Brief touchdown with no damage
F0 W of Red Bud Monroe 2247 0.1 miles
(0.16 km)
Brief touchdown in an open field
F0 S of Marissa St. Clair 2312 0.2 miles
(0.32 km)
Bleachers in a baseball field were destroyed and a dumpster was blown damaging the side of a building
F0 NE of Coulterville (1st tornado) Washington 2332 0.2 miles
(0.32 km)
Brief tornado in open country
F0 NE of Coulterville (2nd tornado) Perry 2332 1 miles
(1.6 km)
Brief videotaped tornado in a field
F0 E of Burksville to Fayetteville Monroe, St. Clair 0005 16 miles
(25.6 km)
An ambulance was overturned
F1 E of Hoyleton Washington 0030 2 miles
(3.2 km)
A barn a few farm buildings were destroyed
F2 W of Walnut Hill Jefferson, Marion 0043 5.5 miles
(8.8 km)
Several outbuildings and barns were destroyed. Nine homes sustained major damage and several mobile homes were overturned. 1 person was injured.
F2 SE of Hubbard Woods Marion 0052 4 miles
(6.4 km)
Several homes were damaged while several farm buildings and two mobile homes were destroyed.
F1 SW of Greendale Marion 0105 9 miles
(14.4 km)
8 homes were damaged, one mobile homes and several barns and farm buildings were destroyed or heavily damaged.
F2 Flora area Clay 0145 9.5 miles
(15.2 km)
Several structures including frame homes, houses, condominiums and businesses sustained varying forms of damage. Garage sheds and a mobiles home were destroyed. 70 cars of a freight train was moved off the tracks. 8 people were injured.
F2 NE of Clay City Clay, Richland 0200 16 miles
(25.6 km)
A mobile home was destroyed
F0 W of De Soto Jackson 0236 0.3 miles
(0.5 km)
Brief tornado with no damage
F0 SW of De Soto Jackson 0334 0.4 miles
(0.6 km)
Brief tornado with no damage
F1 SW of Marquand Madison 0139 12 miles
(19.2 km)
A barn and some outbuildings were damaged
F0 NE of Crosstown Perry 0150 0.2 miles
(0.32 km)
Brief touchdown with no damage
F0 W of Pocahontas Cape Girardeau 0443 0.6 miles
(1 km)
Brief touchdown
F0 Clinton area Van Buren 0245 2 miles
(3.2 km)
Minor shingle damage to an outbuildings and several trees were knocked down
F4 Manila area Mississippi 0750 5 miles
(8 km)
2 deaths Several homes, mobile homes and businesses were heavily damaged or destroyed including a furniture store, three factories and a machine shop. 12 other people were injured.
F2 SW of Iva Pike 0515 4 miles
(6.4 km)
Two barns and few outbuildings were destroyed with farm houses sustaining damage

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