The lipocalins are a family of proteins which transport small hydrophobic molecules such as steroids, bilins, retinoids, and lipids. They share limited regions of sequence homology and a common tertiary structure architecture. This is an eight stranded antiparallel beta-barrel with a repeated + 1 topology enclosing an internal ligand binding site.

These proteins are found in gram negative bacteria, vertebrate cells, and invertebrate cells, and in plants. Lipocalins have been associated with many biological processes, among them immune response, pheromone transport, biological prostaglandin synthesis, retinoid binding, and cancer cell interactions.

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HB Plot - Examples of Usage - Lipocalin Family
... The lipocalin family is a large and diverse family of proteins with functions as small hydrophobic molecule transporters ... Beta-lactoglobulin is a typical member of the lipocalin family ... crystal structures determined so far reveal that the typical lipocalin contains eight-stranded antiparallel-barrel arranged to form a conical central ...
Siderocalin - Origin
... Siderocalin (also known as neutrophil gelatinase-associated lipocalin (NGAL) or human neutrophil lipocalin) is part of a family of proteins known as lipocalins, which are small extracellular proteins that ... Many lipocalins bind to retinol (also known as vitamin A) and are involved in the transport of retinol ... siderocalin (sidero for siderophore, calin for lipocalin) ...
Lipocalin - Family Members
... The name "lipocalin" has been proposed for this protein family, but cytosolic fatty acid binding proteins are also included ... of most members of the family, the core or kernel lipocalins, are characterised by three short conserved stretches of residues, while others, the outlier lipocalin group, share ... Human proteins that contain lipocalin domain include AMBP, APOD C8G, CRABP1, CRABP2 FABP1, FABP2, FABP3, FABP4, FABP5, FABP6, FABP7 LCN1, LCN2, LCN8 ...