Lipkin Gorman V Karpnale Ltd - Judgment


The House of Lords held that £150,960 should be repaid as money had and received, and the club was also liable for damages of £3,735 to the solicitors for conversion of a banker’s draft that had been used once for gambling, rather than cash.

Lord Templeman said, the money could be recovered.

if they can show that in the circumstances the club was unjustly enriched at the expense of the solicitors… The club received stolen money by way of gift from the thief; the club, being a volunteer, has been unjustly enriched at the expense of the solicitors from whom the money had been stolen and the club must reimburse the solicitors.

Lord Goff said that the change of position defence was debated but

the consensus being to the effect that such a defence should be recognised in English law. I myself am under no doubt that this is right.

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Judgement (or judgment) is the evaluation of evidence in the making of a decision. The term has four distinct uses:

  • Informal - Opinions expressed as facts.
  • Informal and psychological – used in reference to the quality of cognitive faculties and adjudicational capabilities of particular individuals, typically called wisdom or discernment.
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  • Religious – used in the concept of salvation to refer to the adjudication of God in determining Heaven or Hell for each and all human beings.

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