Line of Succession To The Former Romanian Throne

Line Of Succession To The Former Romanian Throne

The succession order to the (defunct) throne of Romania depends on the interpretation of the applicable laws, either the Romanian kingdom's last democratic constitution, that of 1923, or the new Statute of the Royal House of Romania, named Fundamental Rules of the Romanian Royal House, privately enacted by former King Michael of Romania on 30 December 2007 in an attempt to replace the old 1884 Law of the Statute. The defunct 1923 Constitution stipulates Salic Law, that is agnatic primogeniture, whereas the legally non-binding Fundamental Rules of 2007 attempt to establish a male-preference primogeniture succession.

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Line Of Succession To The Former Romanian Throne - Male-preference Primogeniture Line
... guarantee any right to reign as a monarch of any country, and also on the values of the Romanian society, King Michael signed a new Statute of the Royal House, called Fundamental ... of inheritance of King Michael's fortune and rights to the Romanian throne ... According to this new Statute, the first in line of succession is King Michael's eldest daughter, newly titled "Crown Princess of Romania" and "Custod ...

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