Line Drawn

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Josias Fendall - Fendall's Land Holdings
... a marked oake by a creeke called Fendall's Creeke 635 perches bounding on the south by a line drawn east from the said oake 500 perches on the east by a line drawn north from the end of the east line ...
Guayana Esequiba - Dispute Renewed
... of the territory east of the Schomburgk line, alleging that its title was unassailable ... to penetrate behind this superficial statement and to see that the line drawn is a line of compromise and not a line of right ... If the British contention was right, the line should have been drawn further west if it were wrong, the line should have been drawn much further east ...
Timmins—James Bay (provincial Electoral District) - Geography
... of the part of the Territorial District of Kenora lying east of a line drawn from the northeast corner of the most northerly point of the Territorial District of ...
South Atlantic Station
... It covered the Atlantic Ocean south of a line drawn between the northern French West African (now Mauritanian) border and French Guiana and the Southern Ocean and Indian ...
Baseball Scorekeeping - Traditional Scorekeeping - Example
... This is denoted by the single line running from "home" to "1st" next to the diamond in that cell ... In addition, many scorekeepers also place a line across the diamond to show the actual path of the baseball on the field ... pitcher) hits a single (diagonal single line drawn next to the lower-right side of the diamond) ...

Famous quotes containing the words drawn and/or line:

    Could it be that wisdom appears on earth as a raven, drawn by the faint smell of carrion?
    Friedrich Nietzsche (1844–1900)

    The line it is drawn
    The curse it is cast
    The slow one now
    Will later be fast
    As the present now
    Will later be past
    The order is
    Rapidly fadin’.
    And the first one now
    Will later be last
    For the times they are a-changin’.
    Bob Dylan [Robert Allen Zimmerman] (b. 1941)