Lindbergh is a Swedish surname which may refer to:

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List Of Philadelphia Flyers Award Winners - Team Awards - Pelle Lindbergh Memorial
... The Pelle Lindbergh Memorial is awarded to the "Flyer who has most improved from the previous season, as voted by his teammates." Named to honor the memory of Pelle Lindbergh, a Vezina ...
List Of Sega Arcade System Boards - Sega Lindbergh - Lindbergh Specifications
... The Sega Lindbergh standard universal sit-down cabinet uses a 1360x768 WXGA LCD display ... Aside from the standard Lindbergh system (Lindbergh Yellow), Sega developed a Lindbergh Red and Lindbergh Blue system, which have different specifications ... The Lindbergh has been superseded by the Ring series (RingEdge and RingWide), so there will be no new arcade games developed for this system ...
Lindbergh (The Eagle Of The U.S.A.)
... "Lindbergh (The Eagle of the U.S.A.)" was a popular song written by famous Tin Pan Alley songwriters, Howard Johnson and Al Sherman in 1927 ... It chronicles Charles Lindbergh's famous pioneer solo-flight across the Atlantic Ocean ... The song was an overnight hit being released immediately on the heels of Lindbergh's safe landing ...
List Of Sega Arcade System Boards - Sega Lindbergh
... The Sega Lindbergh arcade system board is a MontaVista Linux embedded PC (The Lindbergh Blue system used Windows Embedded instead) ... According to Sega-AM2 president Hiroshi Kataoka, porting Lindbergh titles (such as Virtua Fighter 5) to Sony's PlayStation 3 is generally easier than porting to Xbox 360, because the ...
Lindbergh - Other
... Lindbergh's Grass Mouse, rodent species from South America Lindbergh kidnapping, abduction and murder of the son of Charles and Anne Lindbergh ... "Lindbergh Law", a nickname for the Federal Kidnapping Act adopted in response to the Lindbergh kidnapping Lindbergh (book), 1999 Pulitzer Prize winning biography by A ... Scott Berg Sega Lindbergh, an arcade system board developed by Sega Lindbergh (album), album of the italian singer Ivano Fossati ...

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    I got it: Man Without Head Kills Rich Jeweler. What an eight- column spread that’d be on the front page. Why that’s the greatest story since Lindbergh flew to Paris. Oh boy, if only it was true.
    P. J. Wolfson, John L. Balderston (1899–1954)