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In the marine battle between Liangshan and the imperial army led by Gao Qiu, the imperials are defeated and Gao Qiu is captured. Contrary to many depictions in popular culture, however, Lin Chong does not seek vengeance on Gao Qiu. Both Lin Chong and Yang Zhi come to believe their fates were predestined long before Gao Qiu's defeat. The 120-chapter version of Water Margin describes Lin Chong and Yang Zhi glaring at Gao Qiu as he enters the banquet hall, though the earlier 100-chapter version of the novel relates nothing at all concerning Lin Chong's actions while Gao Qiu is being held at the outlaw stronghold. Song Jiang treats Gao Qiu like a guest and intends to release him in the narrow hope that he will assist the outlaws in their appeal for amnesty.

After the Liangshan outlaws succeed in obtaining amnesty, they are sent on expeditions against the Liao invaders and the rebel forces of Tian Hu, Wang Qing, and Fang La. Lin Chong follows the heroes on their campaigns and makes numerous contributions by defeating several of the best enemy warriors in battle. On the verge of departing for the capital after the defeat of Fang La, Lin Chong is stricken by paralysis. He dies six months later under the care of Wu Song at Liuhe Pagoda in Hangzhou, where Lu Zhishen died six months earlier.

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