Lin Chong - Becoming An Outlaw

Becoming An Outlaw

Chai Jin recommends Lin Chong to join the outlaws at Liangshan Marsh by writing a letter to Wang Lun, chief of Liangshan. Wang Lun is selfish and he fears that Lin Chong will become a threat to his position as chief. He tries to send Lin Chong away with gifts, but Lin protests strongly that he has nowhere else to go. Wang Lun agrees to let Lin Chong join Liangshan if he can kill a man and present his head in three days time. Lin Chong is able unable to catch anyone passing by Liangshan on the first two days, but meets Yang Zhi on the third day and fights with him. Wang Lun appears and stops the fight. He is impressed with Yang Zhi's skill and offers to let Yang join Liangshan but Yang refuses. Wang Lun eventually allows Lin Chong to join Liangshan.

When the "Righteous Seven" led by Chao Gai come to Liangshan for refuge, Wang Lun tries to send them away again with gifts and by using the same words he used on Lin Chong earlier. Lin Chong becomes even more frustrated with Wang Lun for his selfishness and refusal to allow others to join Liangshan. Lin Chong is instigated by Wu Yong into killing Wang Lun, and Chao Gai is then nominated to be the new chief. Lin Chong takes the fourth position of leadership, after Wu Yong and Gongsun Sheng.

Lin Chong becomes one of the Five Tiger Generals of the Liangshan cavalry after the Grand Assembly in chapter 71. His prowess in battle is never doubted, and when combined with his sense of loyalty and courage, becomes instrumental in the various victories of Liangshan over its enemies.

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