Light Effects On Circadian Rhythm

Light Effects On Circadian Rhythm

Numerous organisms maintain inherent individual daily rhythms to biological processes, known as circadian rhythms, that assist the organism in maintaining functional periodicity relative to the 24-hour day/night cycle of the earth. These rhythms are maintained by the individual organisms, but due to variable individuality and environmental pressures, must continually or repeatedly be reset to synch with the natural environmental cycle. In order for this to be accomplished, external factors must play some role in the synchronization, or entrainment, of the internal circadian rhythm with the external environment. Of the various factors that influence this entrainment, light exposure to the eyes is the strongest effecter.

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Light Effects On Circadian Rhythm - Other Factors
... Although many researchers consider light to be the strongest cue for entrainment, it is by no means the only factor acting on circadian rhythms ... activity like exercise when coupled with light exposure results in a somewhat stronger entrainment response ... of the neurohormone melatonin have shown similar effects ...

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