Liga Veneta Repubblica

Liga Veneta Repubblica (Łiga Vèneta Republica, Venetian Republic League, LVR) is a Venetist political party. The party maintains a mildly independentist position and campaigns the self-government of Veneto.

LVR emerged in 1998 as a split from Liga Veneta, the "national section" of Lega Nord in Veneto. Originally named Liga Veneta Repubblica, it changed its name to Veneti d'Europa (after the merger with Future Veneto in 2000) and Liga Fronte Veneto (after the merger with Fronte Marco Polo in 2001). It finally assumed again the original title in 2007. The party's founder and long-time leader is Fabrizio Comencini.

In its heyday the party included eight regional councillors, three deputies and four senators.

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