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In 1749 the four children of Lieve Geelvinck inherited a considerable sum from their great aunt Sara Hinlopen. The eldest, Agatha Levina Geelvinck, widow of Dirk Trip, the richest man in Amsterdam, inherited the house at Herengracht 518, the carriage house with the stable; Anna Elisabeth, widow of Nicolaas Pancras and Jan Lucas Pels, inherited valuable stocks, all her books and three guilders cash. (She gave money to have a church organ in Beverwijk, built by Christiaen Müller). Catharina Jacoba, the youngest and widely known for her beauty, married Constantijn Sautijn, had as a child received a princely annuity. She inherited jewels, pearls and diamonds, but also 140 year-old shares in the Dutch East India Company in Enkhuizen. Nicolaes Geelvinck got a collection of letters of debts, shares, bonds and fields in one of the oldest polders in Holland, named the Zijpe. During the "pachtersoproer" (= tax collectors uproar) in 1747 Nicolaes Geelvinck quickly fled the city hall, before the mayor's room was occupied by the people and demonstratively reached a ceiling-mop from the window. As an adversary of the stadholder, he was a year later removed from the vroedschap.

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