Li Kui

Li Kui may refer to:

    <li>Li Kui (legalist), government minister in the Wei state
  • Li Kui (chancellor), chancellor of the Tang Dynasty
  • Li Kui (Water Margin), fictional character in the Water Margin

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Lü Yin - After Serving As Chancellor
... occasion, there had been a sorcerer Shen Taizhi (申泰芝), who ingratiated the powerful eunuch Li Fuguo by using sorcery on Li Fuguo's behalf ... Through Li Fuguo's influence, Shen was made a commanding army officer at Dao Prefecture (道州, in modern Yongzhou, Hunan) ... taken to Chang'an, and because of Shen's association with Li Fuguo, Li Fuguo cleared him and accused Pang of false accusations ...
Li Kui (legalist)
... Li Kui (Chinese 李悝 pinyin Lǐ Kuī Wade–Giles Li K'uei,455 BCE-395 BCE) was an ancient Chinese government minister and court advisor to Marquis Wen of Wei (魏文侯, r ... Shang Yang, who would later develop the philosophy of Legalism based on Li Kui's reforms ...
Song Jiang - In Fiction - Death
... After realizing that he was poisoned, Song Jiang knows that if Li Kui hears news about his death, he will rebel against the imperial court and attempt to avenge him ... He does not want Li Kui to tarnish the reputation of Liangshan, so he invites Li to consume the wine without revealing that it has been poisoned until after Li drinks it ... In the last chapter of the Water Margin, the emperor meets Song Jiang and Li Kui in a dream as they are seeking to redress their grievances ...
List Of Water Margin Minor Characters - Li Kui's Story
... Further information Li Kui (Water Margin) Li Gui (Chinese 李鬼 pinyin Lí Guǐ) is a man who impersonates Li Kui and robs passersby in the woods in Li Kui's name ... He encounters the real Li Kui when the latter passed by the woods on his journey to fetch his mother to Liangshan ... Li Gui is defeated by Li Kui and is placed at the mercy of the latter ...