Li Duozuo

Li Duozuo (Chinese: 李多祚; pinyin: Lǐ Duōzuò) (died August 7, 707), formally the Prince of Liaoyang (遼陽王), was an ethnically Mohe general of the Chinese dynasty Tang Dynasty and Wu Zetian's Zhou Dynasty. He is mostly known for his participation in the successful coup of 705 that overthrew Wu Zetian and returned her son Emperor Zhongzong to the throne, and the failed coup of 707 in which Emperor Zhongzong's son Li Chongjun tried to overthrow Emperor Zhongzong's wife Empress Wei.

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Li Duozuo - Coup of 707
... Li Duozuo, in fear, pretended to serve the interests of Empress Wei and avoided being killed himself ... against Empress Wei and Wu Sansi was brewing, centering around Emperor Zhongzong's son Li Chongjun the Crown Prince, born of a concubine, who was resentful toward Wu Sansi and his son Wu Chongxun ... In 707, Li Chongjun rose in rebellion, in conjunction with Li Duozuo, Li Qianli (李千里) the Prince of Cheng (the son of Emperor Gaozong's brother Li Ke), and Li Qianli's son Li Xi (李禧) the ...
Li Chongjun - As Crown Prince
... In 706, Li Chongjun was created crown prince ... (楊慎交) the husband of Princess Changning and Wu Chongxun the husband of Li Guo'er the Princess Anle his advisors ... said that all Yang and Wu did were to play sports with Li Chongjun and were not carrying out actions to educate or protect him ...