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Big Deals on the 1963–1976 version varied in value, but generally ranged from $1,500–$5,000. The weekly syndicated version featured Big Deals worth $7,000–$15,000, with the runner-up deal frequently featuring prizes such as cars, furs, or trips, that would normally be part of a Big Deal on the daytime version. During the 1975–1976 syndicated season, Big Deals were worth between $8,000–$10,000, meaning a trader could leave with almost $30,000 if they also won the Super Deal.

The 1980–1981 syndicated version featured Big Deals worth $4,000–$6,000. Also, as the show was seen in both Canada and the United States, cash prizes were offered in the form of "Monty Dollars" or "Let's Make a Deal Money", and traders could accept the amount in either U.S. or Canadian currency.

The 1984–1986 syndicated version offered Big Deals worth $6,000–$10,000 in the first season and $8,000–$12,000 in the second season. The 1990–1991 version that aired on NBC Daytime featured Big Deals worth $12,000–$20,000.

In 2003, NBC aired three episodes of a weekly version hosted by Billy Bush that featured Big Deals worth over $50,000. The current CBS version, airing since 2009, features Big Deals worth $18,000–$50,000.

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