Leonardo Vinci

Leonardo Vinci (1690 – 27 May 1730) was an Italian composer, best known for his operas.

He was born at Strongoli and educated at Naples under Gaetano Greco in the Conservatorio dei Poveri di Gesù Cristo. He first became known for his opere buffe in Neapolitan dialect in 1719; he also composed many opere serie. He was received into the Congregation of the Rosary at Formiello in 1728. He died in May 1730. Vinci is rumoured to have been poisoned in the wake of an ill-advised affair, a story which is given by several reliable authorities without evident contradictions.

Vinci's opere buffe, of which Li zite 'ngalera (1722) is generally regarded as the best, are full of life and spirit; his opere serie, of which Didone Abbandonata (Rome, 1728) and Artaserse (Rome, 1730) are the most notable, have an incisive vigour and directness of dramatic expression praised by Charles Burney. The well-known aria "Vo solcando," from Artaserse, is a good example of his style.

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