Leon Norman Williams - Joint Publications

Joint Publications

  • The "Propaganda" Forgeries (1938, their first collaboration in book form)
  • Catalogue of the Philatelic Library formed by the late Sir Edward Denny Bacon, K.C.V.O. (1939) - compilers of a sale catalogue
  • Philately (1939)
  • Famous Stamps (1940)
  • A "Melville" Bibliography (1941)
  • The W. J. Webster Collection (1941)
  • Pioneer Stamp Album (1941)
  • More Famous Stamps (1942)
  • Priced Catalogue of Local Postage Stamps with Erik F. Hurt (1942); supplement issued in 1948.
  • Stamp Anniversaries (1943)
  • Stamps for All (1943)
  • Stamp Collecting for Boys & Girls (1949)
  • Stamps of Fame. London: Blandford Press, 1949
  • Stamps Day by Day (1950)
  • Postage Stamps (1950, Penguin) - a "Puffin Picture Book"
  • Handbook of the Private Local Posts (1950 - essentially a revision of Priced Catalogue of Local Postage Stamps). Vol. VI of Fritz Billig's Specialized Catalogues
  • Collecting Postage Stamps (1950)
  • A Century of Stamp Production (1952)
  • Basic Philately: The art and craft of stamp making (1952)
  • Forged Stamps of Two World Wars (1954)
  • Fundamentals of Philately (edited by David Lidman, serialized in The American Philatelist 1954-1963; first published in five separate sections beginning in 1958 then in complete book form 1971. The 1990 edition was revised by Norman alone)
  • The Postage Stamp: Its History and Recognition (1956, Penguin); a Japanese translation was published in 1958
  • Know Your Stamps (1956) - Expanded edition of Stamps for All
  • Stamp Collector's Almanac (1957)
  • The Satellite Album (1961)
  • Hotel Posts of Hungary & Roumania (1962)
  • Scott’s Guidebook to Stamp Collecting (1963)
  • Commemorative Postage Stamps of Great Britain (1967)
  • Rare Stamps (1967)
  • Techniques of Philately (1969)
  • Cinderella Stamps (1970)
  • Illustrated Teach Yourself Stamp Collecting (1972)
  • Check Your Stamps: How to Make Money from the Post Office (1973)

Norman alone also produced

  • Encyclopedia of Rare and Famous Stamps, (Part I 1993, Part II 1997)
  • "Philately 100 Years Ago" in Stamp Collecting (1981)

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