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People in The Arts

  • Deirdre Lenihan (born 1946), an American actress
  • Edmund Lenihan (born 1950), an Irish author
  • Winifred Lenihan (1898 – 1964), an American actress, writer and director

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Famous quotes containing the words arts and/or people:

    I won’t undertake war until I have tried all the arts and means of peace.
    François Rabelais (1494–1553)

    Loving feels lonely in a violent world,
    irrelevant to people burning like last year’s weed
    with bellies distended, with fish throats agape
    and flesh melting down to glue.
    We can no longer shut out the screaming
    That leaks through the ventilation system ...
    Marge Piercy (b. 1936)