Lending Institutions

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Toronto-Dominion Bank - History
... They were determined to create a financial institution to meet their specific needs in banking, insurance and commodities exchange ... They were dedicated to creating a new institution “conducive to the general prosperity of that section of the country.” Like the Bank of Toronto, the Dominion ... To mark their rise as significant national institutions, the Dominion Bank moved into a large new head office building at the corner of King and Yonge Streets in Toronto in 1879 ...
Moral Hazard - Finance
... risk to take, while someone else bears the cost if things go badly." Financial bailouts of lending institutions by governments, central banks or other institutions can encourage ... Lending institutions need to take risks by making loans, and usually the most risky loans have the potential for making the highest return ... So-called "too big to fail" lending institutions can make risky loans that will pay handsomely if the investment turns out well but be bailed out by the taxpayer if the investment ...

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    Let us stun and astonish the intruding rabble of men and books and institutions by a simple declaration of the divine fact. Bid the invaders take the shoes from off their feet, for God is here within.
    Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803–1882)

    If there is among you anyone in need, a member of your community in any of your towns within the land that the LORD your God is giving you, do not be hard-hearted or tight-fisted toward your needy neighbor. You should rather open your hand, willingly lending enough to meet the need, whatever it may be.
    Bible: Hebrew, Deuteronomy 15:7,8.