Lekking Species

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Ruff - Behaviour - Mating
... The Ruff is one of the few lekking species in which the display is primarily directed at other males rather than to the females, and it is among the small percentage of birds in which the males have ... are very site-faithful 90% return to the same lekking sites in subsequent seasons, the most dominant males being the most likely to reappear ... the faeders migrate with the larger 'normal' lekking males and spend the winter with them ...
Lek Mating - Lekking Species
... and for Capercaillie (tjäderlek), and lekking behaviour is quite common in birds of this type, such as Sage Grouse, Prairie Chicken, and Sharp-tailed Grouse ... Pihas and the Kakapo, by some mammals such as the Ugandan Kob (a waterbuck), several species of fruit bat and the topi, and by some species of fish and even insects ... There is some dispute among ethologists as to whether the lekking behaviour shown by animals of widely different groups should really be treated as the same, and in particular ...

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