Lego Bionicle Models - 2010 - 2010 - Bionicle Stars

Bionicle Stars

  • 7116 Tahu
    • All "Bionicle Stars" come with a golden BIONICLE piece that can be placed on Tahu to create the "Golden Armor". Includes golden Kanohi Hau.
  • 7117 Gresh
  • 7135 Takanuva
    • Is silver and white; Color change addressed as Takanuva "blending in". His light staffs resemble his original "kolhii" staff of light. Includes golden armor piece.
  • 7136 Skrall
    • Is a warrior-class Skrall. Includes golden sword pommel piece.
  • 7137 Piraka
    • Confirmed to be the Skakdi warlord Nektann. Controls the Element of Water, Crescent Scythe allows him to access elemental powers independent of other Skakdi. Includes golden armor piece.
  • 7138 Rahkshi
    • Is a yellow Rahkshi of heat vision. Includes golden shield piece which heavily resembles one of the Bohrok-Kal Shields.
  • The clubcode BIONICLEBUILD on the back of the Bionicle comic: Rebirth, Journey's End part 2 of 2 (included in the March–April Lego Magazine issue) unlocks instructions to combine all of them, which is a warrior called Gaardus.

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